Global Collaboration with Steven Caldwell

Global collaboration is one of the key skills in 21st century learning design. Technology makes it possible for students and teachers to engage in exciting projects around the world, but we seldom have the opportunity meet our digital partners face-to-face. That is why Steven Caldwell's visit to the school was a special treat.
Steven Caldwell is the Director of Online Learning (Middle School) for MLC School, an independent day school for girls in Sydney, Australia. He is also a recipient of the 2010 Australian Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship that sends Australians into the wider world to bring back innovative ideas. He is here, in America, to explore Cybersafety and eCitizenship programs.
Over the last two years, Steven has collaborated with our tech department in implementing Quest Atlantis at our school. Quest Atlantis is an educational virtual environment designed by the University of Indiana's School of Education for grades 4-8. This unique online space gives students around the world the opportunity to practice online safety and global citizenship skills while engaging in activities designed by educators in an array of academic content areas.
While at Elisabeth Morrow, Mr. Caldwell met with the 7th grade technology class, where they discussed similarities and differences in online safety and citizenship concerns in both of our countries. He also met briefly with all of the students in the 4th and 5th grade classes who will be working in Quest Atlantis this year. After school, Mr. Caldwell met with EMS teachers in a workshop focused on online safety and citizenship.
In the next few weeks, Mr. Caldwell will continue to keep us updated as his work progresses and will certainly continue meeting with students within Quest Atlantis. (Post: Ms. Malmstrom)