Middle Schoolers Make Service an Integral Part of the Season - and Beyond

Over two dozen middle schoolers volunteered to speak about the meaning of service in their lives at today's assembly.

The final speaker, Maxie, expressed her gratitude to her peers for all their donations in the Helping Hands project to benefit children in need in Englewood.

Below, the donations are being wrapped and organized in the Theater and Maxie is hard at work pairing gifts with specific children.

Third Grade Plays Native American Games

Images of the Third Grade Lenape Festival

The third grades wowed us today at the Lenape Corn Festival Assembly. Combining song, dramatic storytelling, and dance, the children demonstrated their understanding of the Native American way of life.


Sensory Experiences in Chilton House

The three-year-olds thoroughly enjoyed squishing warm, freshly made playdoh on a cold and snowy day.  

Water, water everywhere!  The PreKindergarten children were thrilled to try out the water table during choice time.  They had fun pouring water and watching it run through the mill.

Today's Chilton House Parent Reader

Mr. Cooper reading to some of the Chilton House students on his Parent Reader day in the library.


EMS Alum signs with UVA Baseball

Star Horace Mann Pitcher Jesse Roth  (EMS '09) recently signed a NCAA National Letter of Intent to play baseball for the University of Virginia Cavaliers. Read full story at HoraceMann.org.  Congratulations, Jesse!


Today's All-School Assembly

Panoramas from today's all school assembly (click to enlarge). Photos: Mr. Malmstrom

Lenape Presentations in Mrs. Wein's 3rd Grade

Several third graders presented their Lenape Indian research to their peers. The culminating project was a poster detailing the research collected on the different aspects of the Lenape people's culture.

The children were given instruction on how to organize materials, how to do research using a variety of sources, how to organize and create posters that are visually appealing and reflect information accurately through words and pictures, and how to present information to a group. Public speaking is a skill. The more opportunities children have to present the less anxiety they will have in getting up in front of their peers. Developing literacy skills in children requires them to be able to convey the meaning of a subject from some other source.


Morrow House Guest Chef

Mrs. Malaak Compton-Rock, mother of fifth grader Lola and 3rd grader Zahra, was the "Guest Chef" at the Morrow House Cooking Club on Wednesday, November 14. The club members helped Mrs. Rock prepare her special recipe for hearty and spicy black bean soup with sausage and jalapeno cornbread.  The students enjoyed dulce de leche ice cream for dessert to top off their delicious lunch.


Scott Mebus Visit's Morrow House

Scott Mebus, author of Gods of Manhattan, came to speak to Morrow House students during assembly today.  Mr. Mebus was scheduled to speak during the Book Fair but rescheduled due to the weather conditions.  Mr. Mebus shared his motivation to become a writer, his inspiration for his most famous young adult novel, and how he became a "god of exploding cars" in high school.  Mr. Mebus then stayed on campus for a book signing and lunch with the Morrow House faculty.  Thank you to Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Tobak, and Ms. Fiocchi for arranging Mr. Mebus's visit. 


Middle School French students observed National French Week with petit dejeuner this morning.

Student Council Presents to Little School

Members of the Student Council spoke at the Little School Assembly and the Chilton House sing-a-long this morning to announce the food, toy, book, and clothing drive to benefit children in Englewood. Click this Wednesday Envelope flyer for details (PDF).


Celebrating Diwali in Pre-K...

EMS Parents, Mrs.Hanita Walia, Dr. Malvika Harsh, and Dr. Neeta Ogden celebrated Diwali with Prekindergarten students today.  They read a story and taught children about the candles, called Diyas. They also got us dancing to authentic music (as you can see). Each child took home a diya and a book explaining the holiday of Diwali.  What fun!  And, what a workout!  ~Ms. McConville


Yesterday's Sunset over the Cohen Center

Good with a camera (or camera phone)?  Feel free to send your pictures to post on the blog...this awesome shot from K. Toback. Enjoy.