3/4's at Carnegie Hall

“On May 26th and 27th, the EMS 3rd and 4th grader participated in Carnegie Hall's LinkUP! Program. The 3rd graders participated from the audience, while the 4th graders were performing as the select student group onstage with The Orchestra of St. Luke's. The curriculum, which they have worked on since January, was called "Orchestra ROCKS!!" and included original compositions by Thomas Cabaniss called "Drumlines" and "Come to Play" as well as the famous "In C" by Terry Riley. They also listened to the orchestra play "Mars, from The Planets" by Gustav Holst, with a multi-media presentation that included a Star Wars themed montage of rocket ships and outer space.

Because we were sitting in front of the percussion section, the children were given earplugs to have onstage. During a piece by Dmitri Shostokovich, called "The Nose," the percussion gets extremely loud, so we were instructed to put them in. The students all performed beautifully, both in the audience and onstage, and as we left the stage, the Carnegie Hall staff shouted, "Bye Elisabeth Morrow School, you are our FAVORITE school who comes to play!! Awesome job!!"

The 4th graders loved the magnificent view of the hall, seeing the red velvet seats, hearing the pieces, and they especially loved seeing that behind music stands, the professional musicians were sometimes reading, (or even checking their phones) while they were not playing a piece.

Many thanks to all the violin teachers who accompanied the students. The 4th graders enjoyed a celebratory Pizza Party with their classmates and teachers. A special thank you to Teddi Hunter who provided ice cream sandwiches to the 4th graders on Thursday.

We all had a wonderful time and hope to go to 2011 "Orchestra SINGS" next year!!”

~Mrs. White

EMS Nature Photography (4)

Math Excellence

These Little School students were among the top scorers in the Continental and New Jersey Math League Contests. Way to go, Girls!

More Haikus

Mrs. Evans and the first graders doing presentations on Haiku poetry. (Photos: S. Brown)


Scholastic Art and Writing Award Winners

"The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Ceremony will be held at Carnegie Hall on June 9th. This event celebrates the achievements of the national winners of the Scholastic Competition. This is the fifth year that Elisabeth Morrow students have participated and won awards. For four years in a row we have had national winners, which is a remarkable achievement the national winners are the top 1% of the total number of entrants. This year about 1,000 students will receive silver and gold medals.

We have two students who will receive national gold medals for collections of poetry, Emily Gruber, a 7th grade student, and Phoebe Gennardo, an 8th grade student. I will also be at the ceremony and will be fortunate enough to receive a medal as well. Last year Scholastic started honoring the teachers with medals and the chance to participate. As an added bonus this year, my daughter, Elena, will also be receiving a gold medal." ~Mrs. Nicolaou (Photo: M. Malmstrom)

Medieval Days!

As part of their unit on Medieval History, the sixth graders participated in a feast, complete with customs, regalia and revelry. A few sixth-grade mothers played the part of peasant serving women–bringing in the courses for the honored guests.

Whiffle Ball Game

If you were up in the Morrow House courtyard this morning, perhaps you saw this hotly contested whiffle ball game.

Mr. Love was tossing mean curve balls but Mr. Escala managed to drill one over the brick wall in left , clearing the bases, turning what was a route into a very close game.


Apple Tree Courtyard Picnic

The Cooking Club took advantage of the warm weather to have picnic in the Apple Tree Courtyard today. The menu included a variety of sandwiches,salad,chips,watermelon and lemonade. Everyone enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch in the courtyard. (Photos and post by: C. Fiocchi)

First Grade-Haiku Unit and Readers Theater

"First grade students in Miss Evans' reading group celebrated the culmination of their Haiku unit. The students created a PowerPoint presentation describing Haiku and sharing their poetry with the accompanying pictures which served as their inspiration. What a treat to watch Readers Theater in first grade!" ~Mrs. Egert (Photos: K. Evans)

"The first graders gave Reader's Theater performances for Pre-K students, today. One reading group performed The Big Carrot and the other group performed The Tortoise and the Hare. In reader's theater, students rely on their voices for a successful performance. Reader's Theater is an entertaining and educationally powerful way to read and communicate meaning. What a fun way to practice word recognition, fluency, and comprehension!" ~ Mrs. Evans (Photos: K. Evans)

Westward Expansion Projects

EMS fifth graders are currently studying Westward Expansion. Today, Mrs. Riley's class presented their research topics, over Skype, to Kevin Snider's Hoover Elementary class in Stockton, CA. In the photo below, the classes wave to each other across 3000 miles.
As well, yesterday, Mrs. Eastwood conducted a rehearsal for the entire fifth grade as they are learning a few songs from the Westward Expansion era (Mrs. Eastwood's husband, Steve, accompanied on the banjo). A video sample from their rehearsal is provided below. The 5th Grade will perform these songs Thursday morning (9 a.m.) in the Gymkhana.

Visit from the Burns Film Center

Today we had a visit from the Burns Film Center. Emily Keating, Director of Education Programs; Holen Sabrina Kahn, Director of Educational Innovation; and Theresa Dawson, Faculty, came to see what our students were doing with Second Life and virtual worlds. Having spent time here, it was decided that EMS Camp TechKnow and the Burns Film Cneter will collaborate over the summer. Information on Camp TechKnow is in today's Wednesday Envelope. This camp is designed for students entering grades 7 - 9 next fall. (Photo: Marianne Malmstrom)

New Sign for Wildlife Friendly Garden

"The Conservation Club made and erected an information board on some of the wildlife, both plants and animals, that might occur in the garden. The sign is located in The Grace Muller Courtyard Area, where visitors can see the "Grace Muller Wildlife Friendly Garden". Many wildflower seeds have been planted in the garden and will be flowering over the coming weeks." (Post by: Mr. Lyon)

Second Graders working in the Garden

Planting sunflowers and potatoes.

Eighth Grade Spring Play

A few photos from the 8th Grade spring play, Fools, by Neil Simon. (Photos by Mrs. DiPaolo and Z. Homonoff)

Last Thursday --> Festival of the Arts - MH

A few collected images from last weeks Festival of the Arts in Morrow House. My thanks to the parents who submitted photographs.
~ E. Brown


Second Grade Hudson River Trip

The second graders visited the Hudson River as a culmination of their science unit on the the River. Students, teachers and parents enjoyed the experience. A special thanks to the parents for their supportive involvement. ~Mrs. Milne (Photos: Mrs. Milne)


Making Tostadas

From fourth grade cooking: "Mrs. Gonzales and I made tostadas with the children. As you can see, we all donned somberos and had a real fiesta." ~Mrs. Lowry (photos: Mrs. Lowry)


Festival of the Arts: Art Exhibit and Reception

Here are a few of the pieces in the student exhibit as part of tomorrow's Festival of the Arts. The Art Exhibit and Reception will be in the Russell Berrie Music Room from 6:30 to 7 pm, prior to the concert in the gymkhana.

Alumni: Off To College Next Fall? Let us know.

Hello EMS Class Of 2006: if you are off to college next fall, the School would love to know where you'll be going! As well, if you attended EMS between 2004 and 2006 (during the formation of the middle school) or if you left EMS in the 5th grade in 2003...we'd would love to hear from you, too!

Please send me a quick note (click here). We plan to feature your class information in the next Appletree.

My thanks and congratulations!

Evan Brown
Director of Communications and Alumni

PS: Parents, if you know of a former EMS student and where they are off to college next fall, I would appreciate hearing from you, as well. To the parents and alumni who have sent me this information already, my sincerest thanks. -E.B.