Kindergarten students find a new friend

Yesterday during recess, kindergarten students took advantage of the snowy weather to work together in creating a classroom mascot:
(It is probably buried under a new blanket of snow today. Perhaps they'll build a new one tomorrow!)


Last Call for After School Adventures

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A Squirrel in the snow outside one of our Kindergarten classrooms.

Getting snowy out here...

This photo taken from the second floor of Morrow House looking down at Chilton House and Little School.

Chug! Chug! Here we go!

The three-year-olds are studying transportation and created their very own "Polar Express." In this video, each child is proudly placing his or her Arctic animal on the train.
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Shocking News...

The third graders are currently exploring static electricity with a Van de Graaff Generator. ~Mrs. Milne

Fun with Polymers!

"Second grade chemistry students are studying about polymers (gak and slime) and acids and bases. It's messy. It's fun!" ~Mrs. Milne

Student photo to be used in Dr. Day's upcoming book

More kudos for seventh grade photographer, Alex Lein...

"I've known of Alex's passion for nature photography since he was in the fifth grade. When he heard that I was writing this book, he asked if he could submit a photo for it. I told him that I was writing about the 50 most commonly seen tree species in New York City and that I needed a photo of the goldenrain tree trunk. His submission is beautiful (above) and was accepted by the editor at Johns Hopkins University Press. Very exciting!" ~ Dr. Day


Warming Up on a Cold Day

The temperature outside was about 12 degrees! But a warm and wonderful sound came from the Tedesco Theater, as middle school students practiced a song known by many!



This year's 6th grade play is Aladdin. Two performances are scheduled in the Morrow House Music Room for Friday morning at 10:15 and 11:30 for the students and faculty. There is also a Friday evening performance at 7:30 for the parents and public.


Club Options

The eighth graders met this morning to discuss and select club options for the second semester.

Art Award Winner

Congratulations to Elisabeth Morrow seventh grader, Alex Lein, who had six photos selected as regional award winners by the Scholastic Art Awards. His Gold Key images now move on to New York City for national adjudication.

Gold Key Winners:
Sky Writing
Ribbons Of Fire

Silver Medal Winners:

Summer Serenity
Palette Of The Sky
Light Under The Sea
Grand Finale


Tizmoret at Middle School Assembly

On Friday morning, Tizmoret, an A Cappella group from Queens College, performed for us. The third and fourth grades joined the middle school audience. As part of the program, our 7th/8th Grade Chorus performed Lean on Me with our guests. The event was full of energy and talent.

The first clip presents highlights and the second clip is the 7th/8th Chorus performing with our guests



Art Tips From The First Graders

Symmetry Lesson

In first grade, we are learning about symmetry through the study of geometry. We used various pattern block shapes to construct a symmetrical design. We later graphed similar designs on graph paper. ~Miss Cozza

Great Day For Sledding

Elementary students take advantage of the abundance of snow and bright blue skies, sledding behind Morrow House for today's gym class.


Strategic Planning Retreat

HEADlines: Strategic Planning Retreat: "Last Saturday, a group of 18 trustees, 20 parents and 5 administrators met with two consultants to begin the process of developing the next..."


EMS Hockey News

Last week, in front of 200 fans, the Eagles opened up their ice hockey season with a 5-2 victory over Montclair Kimberley Academy. Egan Sachs-Hect led the team with her first career hat-trick, Nick Menne had one goal and three assists, and Jacob Hyman scored the other goal for the Eagles. Defensively, Basil Williams and Kevin Lu dominated, playing over thirty minutes in the thirty-six minute game. Sara Merker was also stellar in the goal, saving 19 of the 20 shots in two periods of play. Eddie Happle played the final period and saved 7 of 8 shots to preserve the victory for the Eagles. Tomorrow, the Eagles host MKA in a rematch at MacKay Park Arena in Englewood.


What We Are Learning in PreKindergarten

Students in PreKindergarten measured and weighed themselves after the New Year. They are comparing how much they have grown from the beginning of the school year to now.

As well, they have been experimenting with mixing colors. Using eye-droppers, the children combined drops of red, yellow and blue water (the primary colors) into empty cups to see what new colors they could make.

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