Are We Too Soft on Students?



Beautiful Signs of Spring

The children of C-3 discovered daffodils on the way to Movement Class one day. After that, children would squeal with delight anytime they passed by a daffodil. They are also discovering the Japanese Magnolias and other plants in bloom. We explored the campus and found daffodils swaying and dancing in the breeze. Back in the classroom we traced daffodils, used racecars and rags to create daffodils, and even created flowers from building materials. We love this early Spring!

First Grade Iditarod

Children from Mrs. Lester's and Ms. Evans' first grade reading groups read Balto and the Great Race by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel.  It's about the heroic sled dog who helped get medicine to the sick people of Nome, Alaska in 1925.  The children learned about the Iditarod, an annual race in Alaska held the first Saturday in March, which commemorates the historic race for life.  The children re-created the Iditarod on the EMS campus, albeit sans snow!


Spring has Sprung

 Adelina, Deborah and Jeffrey traveled to Flat Rock Brook Nature Center and Ft. Tyron Park in the Bronx to take photos for The Nature Photography and Silk Painting Club. Dr. Day and Ms. Dorrien accompanied.  There is nothing like spring!  Enjoy these shots.


We have spent the past few weeks sharing many stories about all sorts of rescue vehicles. We read, Preschool to the Rescue, by Judy Sierra. We discussed how these vehicles and the workers help us.  We can see the children's curiosity and creativity reflected in their dramatic play and artwork. They used foam brushes, sponges, and paint brushes to create rescue vehicles. All of these painting techniques support the development of fine motor skills while really feeling like fun for the children.


Pi Day in Little School




Kindergartners took a walk today to look for signs of spring. We listened, looked, smelled and even touched things from nature. We took cameras with us and each child took a photo of something that let us know that the season is changing and spring is here.

Back in our classroom the children will write about how they used their senses to explore the changing seasons. They will write a caption for their photo describing what they chose and why.  The students are practicing using descriptive language, phonetic spelling, and observation skills.

National Gold Medal Winner

Kindergarten Records Digital Stories Using iPads

Dinosaur Park
Our Kindergartners are creating digital stories using iPads and the StoryKit app.  The children were asked to partner and together they used sequenced picture cards and used their imaginations to create a story that fit the images provided.  Here's a sample:  click HERE to listen to The Dinosaur Park by Teddy and Sydney. 


Grade 3 Colonial Day was a Big Hit!

Third Grade Classes spent the day in The Puritan School,  Ye Old Pottery Shoppe and Ye Olde Doll Shoppe, enjoying a Colonial Feast and dancing.

PreK class visits Ye Olde Doll Shoppe during Third Grade Colonial Day.


Kindergarten students are "Digging Fossils!" Through books, discussions and hands on experiences, the children have learned how various kinds of fossils are formed.  They have enjoyed digging for real fossils at the sand table using magnifying glasses and brushes...the tools of paleontologists!

Thank You!


The children in the four year old class enjoyed exploring with a large gelatin mold in the water table. Using tipped pipettes they injected colored water into the gelatin and were fascinated by the effects. Breaking and squeezing the mold into pieces the following day provided a unique sensorial experience. Fun was had by all, including many adults who stopped by to see and use our unusual temporary material.  Some said, "It looks like brain surgery!"


Mrs. Ebeling's First Graders visit CH Sing-Along

Mrs. Ebeling's first grade class came to visit Chilton House Sing-Along today!  They shared the story of "The Three Little Pigs" using xylophones to represent the main characters, and various percussion instruments as sound effects for the objects in the story, which they chose themselves.  Some of the choices included sandpaper blocks for the sound of the straw, the wind chimes when the wolf huffed and puffed, and the cymbals when the house blew down!  The students of Chilton House were great audience members, and fun time was had by all.

So Good To Get Together

Just passing along my thanks to the alumni and faculty (current and former) who made it out to Calle Ocho in NYC last night for the Annual Alumni Party.  Whether you met new people or reconnected with old friends, it's always a special moment for me to see you enjoy each other's company.  Best wishes and perhaps we'll see you in June* for the Alumni Luncheon on campus. 
~ Evan Brown  ( * - invites to follow in late April)


Grades 7 and 8 visit the 9-11 Memorial

The day was surprisingly chilly, the construction in lower Manhattan made the bus trip circuitous and lengthy, and the security was as tight as an airport.  In spite of it all, the students appreciated the Memorial.  It is beautiful, impressive and a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives  on that fateful day.

The "Survivor Tree" at the Memorial. The tree survived the attacks and was nursed back to health. In 2010, it was uprooted in a severe storm and still survived. It is a permanent planting at the Memorial.