Students as Teachers

By Jessi Almstead, First Grade Teacher
First graders and I are learning from each other in L10! So far this year, students have taught the community:
  • How to hold a violin
  • How to make a family book
  • How to make a Jamaican flag
  • How to use Spy Gear 
  • Who Ninjago is
Special Shares are perfect opportunities for students to empower themselves by taking on a teacher role, and to practice public speaking skills. For the classroom community, these are treasured moments when we get to know each other in meaningful ways.

This week, a group of students participated in an introduction to playing cello, led by one of their peers. Novice students practiced active listening while their student-teacher guided them step by step. 

We look forward to the many lessons we will learn from the teacher in each of us!


Elisabeth Morrow Math Team Places Second In Statewide Competition

On Saturday, October 19, Chrisie Anagnos, Tanvi Jonalagadda Austin Kwak, Harry Moon, Lee Staphos, Kira Trout, and Emily Yu competed in the 42nd Annual Christian Brothers
Academy Eighth Grade Math Contest. More than 200 students from 35 public, private, and parochial schools participate. In our second outing in this competition, our team again came in second place in the private/parochial school division. Austin Kwak garnered third place individually. Mrs. Toth coached the team. Congratulations to all!


Kindergarten Music Makers

Kindergarten students began their journey to musical literacy by exploring the xylophones in the music room. With a partner, the students experimented with how to make different sounds with their mallets, and many of them noticed that the bars of the instrument were labeled with letters from A to G.  This lead to a discussion about how the musical alphabet only has seven letters, then repeats.   

The students were then given the challenge to find the letter "D" on their xylophone and to play it on the steady beat while singing "Jack O Lantern."  Many of the Kindergarteners remarked on how tricky to was to play and sing at the same time, but all agreed that it was fun to be in charge of their own music making!


Buddy Day Fun

EMS' first All School Buddy Day happened earlier this month. This program is an addition to the All School Assembly program that began last year, with the grades grouped together as follows:

8th grade/3rd grade
7th grade/2nd grade
6th grade/1st grade
5th grade/Kindergarten
4th grade/Threes and Fours

Our goals are to develop lasting relationships between students and teachers, to provide opportunities for leadership and to build a strong school community.  The buddies complete projects together and have a good time learning more about their fellow EMS students!



In kindergarten, our current theme is ladybugs.  Mrs. Milne gave the children live ladybugs in science to take home and observe before letting them go.  Some of the activities we have done have been collage ladybugs, ladybug apple snacks, observational drawings.  We launched our first letter study (Ll) and made finger painted large leaves in the style of Eric Carle (whose books we have been reading, beginning with "The Grouchy Ladybug")  incorporating science mini-lesson on mixing colors as well.
The children began learning about things such as life cycles and symmetry which will be revisited.​


Thank You to the Morrow Society


The Elisabeth Morrow School thanks the Morrow Society for their leadership in providing resources for our school, and especially the Cohen family for hosting a wonderful evening under the stars in celebration of the Society's generosity.