Thank You From Ariang

You may recall, back in April, that The Elisabeth Morrow School 4th Graders donated the proceeds from their talent show.  We recently received these photos where the students at the Ariang School passed along their thanks.  In addition, personalized letters will be given to the school and shared with the students upon their return.  


Doing our best to out shout the cicadas!

There's NO standing still during the summer!  Big-time camps like Summer Explorations and Summer String Festival make EMS for children, all year around.  Here's a great group shot from last weeks "June Express!"  More on our Summer Programs.  


They're All Grown Up!

Yo! Young Alumni!  Great Seeing everyone today and thanks for coming.  Check out a few photos from this afternoon's luncheon on our Facebook Page.


1st Grade Animal Research Projects

The students in Mrs. Galas and Mrs. Tabacchi's first grade class proudly shared their animal research projects with one another today. They are experts on animals as demonstrated in their written reports, oral presentations and carefully crafted models.


Silver Medal Poet

Congratulations to EMS 8th grader Christian Maloney,   a Scholastic Art and Writing Awards National Silver Medalist for his poem, The Shadow.  Christian received his award at a ceremony at Carnegie Hall on May 31.

Scenes from the Watermelon Picnic

Chilton House enjoyed the annual watermelon picnic!

A Thank You to Englewood Rotarians Joan Van Alstyne Johnston '34 and Aleta Frezzell

"Thank you so very much for coming to The Elisabeth Morrow School to present dictionaries to our third grade students. This is a wonderful Rotary program. The children especially enjoyed having you here to share the mission of Rotary and personally present the dictionaries. Several children mentioned to me how impressive it was to meet someone from the very first EMS class (Joan Van Alstyne Johnston '34). Thank you both for being here."
 ~Mrs. Milne