Celebrating 100 Days!

Kindergarten students have been learning  the concept of place value as they diligently counted the days of school in anticipation of the 100th day of school. In celebration, the children participated in a variety of activities including; reading 100th Day stories, sharing collections of 100 objects, playing Race to 100, stringing 100 Cheerios, measuring how much they grew in 100 days, and assembling bags of trail mix containing 100 yummy treats! 


Aaron Cooper presenting at NAIS Conference This Weekend

EMS Head of School Aaron Cooper is presenting at two workshops and one round table discussion during the annual NAIS Conference in Philadelphia this weekend. Two collaborative presentations will center around the insights of first-year school leaders, while at the round table he will join EMS technology teacher Marianne Malmstrom in discussing the educational relevance of MMOG's within 21st Century curricula.


Family Stories Fondly Remembered

Every year, the second graders get together with members of their family to learn their family story. The students carefully write the stories down and when all are finished, the children present their collaborations to the group.

This morning I happened to catch the tail-end of the presentations in Mrs. Keller's class and posted this photo to our Facebook account.  I wanted to share with you the following comment to that post:

Maria C Raccuia Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face more than remembering my little Desiree (now 35!) and the wonderful memories and friendships Elisabeth Morrow helped create for both of us ... PRICELESS ....

It's a nice reminder for our teachers that your dedication, commitment and sincerity; leaves a fond impression on our students and parents, long after the leave EMS.


EMS Tradition: 2nd Graders Write Stories with Their Families

Over breakfast this morning, the children and families in Mrs. Holden's second grade joined together to write family stories. Each of the children were first given an outline to use as a way of organizing ideas. Next, the families sat together and drafted their stories, "the messy copy."  The children then presented their rough drafts to the group. Later, they will have time to go through the editing process with peers, the classroom teacher, and at home before publishing their stories. Today's special breakfast was a great opportunity for parents, students, and teachers to all take part in the writing process in an engaging, meaningful and personal way.


EMS '09 off to Columbia

Eric Mourkakous Gets To Push People Around Next Fall! He will be playing football for Columbia : Read Full Article.



A second grade reading group read The Story of Balto and then re-enacted the famous sled dog race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska to bring medicine to the sick children there.  The second graders took turns being the musher or the sled dogs.



Valentine's Day was also a great day for sledding on Next Day Hill!


Summer Explorations

Summer Explorations Brochure is now available on our Auxiliary Programs page....get it here!


Xīn Nián Hǎo Ya!

Mrs. Spaeth's students are celebrating Chinese New Year this week by playing percussion instruments and dancing with an authentic Chinese Lion mask.  Lion dances are common during Chinese New Year. It is believed that the loud beats of the drum and the deafening sounds of the cymbals together with the face of the lion dancing can scare away bad spirits. 

Gettin' The Mail Out In Time For Valentine's Day!

The Kindergarten Post Office is open! After visiting the Englewood Post Office the children learned how a post office operates. They are excited about taking the responsibilities of making, stamping, collecting, canceling, sorting and delivering Valentine’s Day mail for all of Chilton House. Please stop by and visit us in the Chilton House hallway.


EMS and Project Cicero

The Elisabeth Morrow School is working with Project Cicero, hosting 16 other schools in an effort to collect books for Teach For Amaerica Greater Newark. Read in NJ.COM.


What's happening in Prekindergarten

Little scientists at work...
Pajama Day!! With Pancakes and Hot Cocoa.

Community helpers: a dentist and assistant visited our class to teach us the importance of brushing, flossing and how to keep our teeth healthy.

Great Job MathCounts Team!

On Saturday February 2nd, Elisabeth Morrow middle school students participated in the annual Math Counts Contest at Bergen County Community College. This is a national contest sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Over 30 public and private schools attended the competition. The contest consists of a 30 question individual contest (where a calculator is allowed), 8 sprint (timed) questions, and a 10-question team contest.  The Elisabeth Morrow team of Annika Kim, William Chung, Emily Yu and Lee Staphos with alternate Chrissie Anagnos placed 6th. Each team member came home with a trophy and coach Carol Toth received a plaque for preparing the students. Kudos for a job well done.

What's Mathcounts?

Our Middle School Program.
The Middle School Nature Photography Club visited the New York Botanical Gardens on Wednesday of last week for some inspiration.  These pictures were taken by eighth graders Rene Spiewak, Deborah Ro, and Nikki Quinn.  


All school assembly

All school assembly focused this morning on the "middle" of the school year. First graders presented their "halfway day" projects, Chilton House students sang "I'm going to mail myself to you," their homage to the February tradition of the kindergarten post office, sixth graders gave a rendition of a song from their recent musical, and members of the middle school sports teams gave midseason reports. Boys' basketball is 11-2 and co-ed ice hockey is 2-0 so far this season! Here is a picture of the whole school during the assembly