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Last week's Thanksgiving Performance.
The Elisabeth Morrow School Chorus singing All Things Bright And Beautiful.
Ms. Carey White directing.
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Helping others . . .

When Morrow House students visited Little School to ask for donations to the Center for Food Action, Mrs. Wein's third graders got right on the case. They decided to help the babies by all bringing in diapers.


More to be thankful for . . .

During this time of Thanksgiving, we would like to express our gratitude to Hanita Walia and Annitsa Philliou for such a wonderful Book Fair. We extend our thanks to all the terrific volunteers who gave of their time and talents to provide so much fun and enjoyment for our community! Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from Chilton House

"At this time of the year we all value friends, family and give thanks for all of our many gifts. Here are two videos from our Early Childhood Program that capture children preparing "friendship soup" with vegetables from home to be shared as a class community and a listing of things we give thanks for in our young lives." ~Mrs. Brennan, Director of Early Childhood Programs

More information about Early Childhood Programs at The Elisabeth Morrow School.
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Bring The Family Together...

"When I was 10 and my brother was 6, we were photographed for an advertisement for McDonnell Aircraft (which later merged with Douglas Aircraft and then into Boeing). The tag line was: “Bring the family together for Thanksgiving.” In the photo, I am on the left and my brother on the right. Every Thanksgiving I am reminded of this picture, and my wish is that your families are brought together this Thanksgiving." ~Dr. Lowry


If Thanksgiving is almost here, can the Holiday Concert be far behind??

Getting ready for the Holiday Concert.

Jazz Ensemble

Under the direction of Wayne du Maine, the Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble played at assembly today. Click below for highlights of the Jazz Ensemble.


HEADlines: First Graders as Interviewers

HEADlines: First Graders as Interviewers: "In the fall, the first grade classes study their community. Part of this unit involves interviewing many of the administrators and staff to ..."

Sixth Grade at the Onassis Center

On Tuesday, sixth grade students visited the Onassis Center in New York to enhance their knowledge of the Greek heroes. Unfortunately, no photos were permitted inside the exhibit.

More about our Middle School curriculum


"I Am Special"

In our PreKindergarten class, we are learning about how we are different and how we are the same. We traced the children's body and they are painting themselves. They have experimented with mixing colors and finding various leaves that are of their skin shade. ~Ms. Aslam

The Early Childhood Program at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

Preparing for Bake Sale in Support of Center for Food Action

Today, eighth grade students worked with Mrs. Gove to prepare food for tomorrow's Bake Sale in support of the Center for Food Action. The money raised will go towards the purchase of turkeys. Thus far, the Center for Food Action is 3,000 turkeys behind their annual need.

Bins in the three divisions are filling up with donations. Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Center for food Action thus far. The drive ends this Friday, so please continue to bring in donations for those who have less than we do. For more information on what supplies are needed, please click here.


A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

A few weeks ago, Jessica Sklar and Brittany Sklar had a once-in-a-lifetime experience when they performed for the President of the United States, Barack Obama. They performed at a fundraiser in Cresskill, New Jersey, held on October 6. Performing an original "Americana" medley (arranged by Ms. Brittany Sklar), the piece incorporated melodies from "Stars and Stripes Forever" and "Yankee Doodle." The Elisabeth Morrow School asked them if they would reenact their performance for both the Little School (grades 1 to 4) and Morrow House (grades 5 to 8) assemblies.
After playing, Ms. Jessica Sklar and Ms. Brittany Sklar spoke a little about meeting the President and answered students' questions. Ms. Jessica Sklar said that President Obama congratulated them on their beautiful playing and that pictures were taken by the official White House photographer. They said the whole evening was unbelievable, like a dream, and noted how much security and Secret Service were present, both inside and outside the home where the event took place. All the students and teachers at our assemblies listened intently to the beautiful music and the description of how it felt to meet the President.

Congratulations to Ms. Jessica Sklar and Ms. Brittany Sklar on their patriotic and "Presidential" performance!!

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Middle Schoolers Visit Chilton House to Talk about Center for Food Action

Four middle school students visited the Chilton House sing-a-long this morning to talk about the school-wide food drive. They gave information about Center for Food Action and performed a skit showing the Chilton House students ways that they could help. (Here they are rehearsing their skit.)

The drive will continue through Friday, November 19. More information and a list of items needed can be found

Dress Down Day in Little School...

As part of an effort to collect food for the Center for Food Action.
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7th Graders Working on School Community Campaign

Here, 7th graders are brainstorming ideas as part of Be an Upstander, Not a Bystander – a Middle School initiative to promote an engaged and positive school community.
More information about the Middle School academic program at EMS.

The City Game

Mr. Penny's sixth graders playing The City Game. (photos: Ms. DiPaolo)

More information about Middle School History at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

7th Graders at Liberty Science Center

On October 23, Science teacher Gail Weeks brought her 7th grade classes to the Liberty Science Center. The students manned six different tables with demonstrations at the public event, which was held to celebrate National Chemistry Week. (Post: Ms. Weeks)
More information about Middle School Science at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

Three-Year-Old Fall Walk

Here's an image from our Fall Walk for the Three-year-olds. We have been discussing all the signs of fall: we made binoculars and collected all sorts of things we found on the ground. It was a big adventure for the children in C-1. (Post: Ms. Eickelberg)

More information about Early Childhood programs at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

A Great Time To Visit Elisabeth Morrow

Reds and Golds Everywhere!
There's no better time to visit our beautiful campus.
OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, November 14 - 1:30 PM
See You There.
Contacts: 201.568.5566 x7212 or admissions@elisabethmorrow.org

2nd Grade - Trip to Stone Barns

The second grade went to Stone Barns up in Pocantico Hills, New York as part of our farm study. (Images: Ms. Keller)
More information about Elementary School curriculum at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

Images from Little School Art Class

First Graders:

Fourth Graders:
(Images: Ms. Smithline)

More information about our First through Fourth Grade Visual Arts curriculum.


Girls' Volleyball Wraps Up Season with Win

The girls' volleyball team ended their season with a win at home against Montclair Kimberly on November 2. It was a strong finish for the Eagles as they won the match in two games, 25-20 and 25-19. Rafaela Peralta-Vasquez, Viveca Riley , Sara Merker and Casey McConville led the team in service points, while Caroline Myers added two digs and Rafaela Peralta-Vasquez contributed a kill.

More information about Athletics at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

Today, during
fourth grade

(Image: Ms. White)

Books, Books Everywhere...

Our Book Fair is ON! Come on over to Morrow House (EMS Middle School) and check out the remarkable selection of books. (Video: Dr. Lowry)
More information on the EMS Parents Association.
More information on other EMS PA Events.


C8 Canine Visitor

Forest and her owner, Carol, visited the children in C8 today. Carol spoke to the children about the importance of a canine companion for independence. The children asked many important questions and had a chance to pet Forest. (Post: Ms. Aslam)

More information on Early Childhood programs at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

Basic Lab Techniques

7th grade science students learning basic lab techniques, and the correct way to use lab equipment such as graduated cylinders and triple beam balances. (Photo: Ms. Weeks)
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More about Middle School Science at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

Learning about Density

6th grade science students performing experiments on density. (Photos: Ms. Weeks)

More about Middle School Science at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

As it's BOOK FAIR time, this also means that popular Children's and Young Adult authors visit The Elisabeth Morrow School. Today, Joseph Bruchac visited with the 5th and 6th grade. (Photo: Ms. A. Philliou)

More about Middle School Language Arts at The Elisabeth Morrow School

Important Message regarding the Center for Food Action - Please Read

HEADlines: The number of hungry people in NJ would fill Giant...: "As we do every year, The Elisabeth Morrow School will be collecting food items for the Center for Food Action. I need not remind everyon..."


8th Grader Selected To Scholastic Kids Press Corps

Congratulations to Elisabeth Morrow student, Viveca Riley, who was recently selected as a Scholastic Kids Reporter for 2010-2011. Viveca joins a team of fifty other students from across the United States who will be reporting on news and events from their region. Viveca's articles will be featured on the Kids Press Corp website, Scholastic News Online, Scholastic News, and Junior Scholastic.

More on the EMS Language Arts Curriculum


Visit to Stony Point, NY

The 5th grade got a glimpse back into the Revolutionary War era with their recent visit to Stony Point Battlefield and State Park.


There Is A Truckload of Books In Our Gymkhana!

Hello Elisabeth Morrow Community,
It's that time of year again, the annual Book Fair begins next week: from Tuesday, November 9 to Thursday, November 11; 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM. As well, parents, a Book Fair Wine Reception is being held on November 9, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. It's a spectacular event, hope to see you there.


PreKindergarten HWT

Students in Ms. Aslam and Ms. Leff's PreKindergarten class have been using the Handwriting without Tears materials to practice letter formations. Children have been using blocks, popsicle sticks and tape to create more letters and letters in their names. (Post: Ms. Aslam)

EMS Volleyball Update

October 26: The girls' volleyball team had yet another tiebreaker game against Tenafly Middle school. EMS lost the first game of the match 20-25, but came back strong in the second game to win 25-16. The final game went down to the wire but the girls fell short and lost the game 24-26. Viveca Riley led the team in service points, followed by Caroline Myers.

October 28: the Eagles traveled to Horace Mann. Two matches were played. EMS lost the first match in two games, but went on to win the second match. Elizabeth Harris led the team in service points, and Rafaela Peralta-Vasquez added two kills and a dig in that victory.

~Coach Smith

Laurie Halse Anderson visits Elisabeth Morrow

Laurie Halse Anderson, award winning and New York Times best-selling author of books for children of all ages visited The Elisabeth Morrow School on November 1. Best know for her powerfully moving novel, Speak, and historical fiction titles, Chains, and its recently released sequel, Forge. The visit was arranged courtesy of Book, Bytes & Beyond in Glen Rock, NJ, Simon and Schuster Publishers and our Elisabeth Morrow Parents Association. (Blog: Ms. Fiocchi)

For more on Laurie Halse Anderson's presentation to our middle school students, read Dr. Lowry's recent blog entry.

Stick Bug Donation

A big thank you to these first graders for donating stick bugs to the Lower School Science Room. Come check them out!