Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch

At the end of the academic year, the Parents Association provides an incredible Faculty/Staff Appreciation Lunch. This is one way in which parents express their thanks to those professionals who have taught their children and who help the School function administratively and operationally. Parents send in an amazing variety of lunch items and a group organize and serve. And in return the parents are thanked for all they have done to make EMS a special place over the year.

The synergy between a school and its parents is a major factor in predicting school success. Judging from this afternoon, success is in the air!

A few scenes from the day follow:

Yearbooks Have Arrived

Today, The Emerald, Vol. 6, 2011, was distributed to the students. The Yearbook’s theme is “Time Flies.” The production of the Yearbook is a major undertaking, beginning the year before and demanding a major time commitment.

Thank you, Emily and Ana, Emerald Editors, and Ms. Malmstrom, Faculty Advisor, for giving us these memories that we will cherish for years.

David Lowry


Graduation Approaches!

Today, our 8th Graders had their rehearsal for graduation. In just 3 days, these young people will look quite different up on the stage in the Gymkhana. Some of these youngsters have been here since they were 3 years old, the year I began as Head of School. It will be a pleasure to celebrate the culmination of their education with us on Friday, June 10 at 3:00 pm. – David Lowry

Gardens Grow

Yesterday, first graders helped to move rich compost into the new garden beds. Mr. Cooper happened by and helped them out. The gardening program expands each year. The addition of new and larger beds will increase opportunities for planting and harvesting. One bed is going to be planted with just pumpkin seeds; given the rich soil, we can hope for a giant one. The garden is not quite finished, but stop by and take a look!


Math Awards

The award winners for the American Mathematical Competition

Students took the AMC 8 (8th grade) exam. Joey, Justin, So Young and Annika won honors awards. Annika was also recognized for a high score for a young student, as she is in grade 6. David and Chiho, by virtue of their scores, won awards of distinction and were invited to take the AMC 10 and AMC 12 exams. David received an award of distinction on the AMC 12, which qualified him for the AIME, a difficult and prestigious competition.

Grade level winners for the New Jersey Math League contest (not in photo order): Stephanie, Egun, Jaclyn, Annika, Christian, David, Chiho, Sara, Alex.

Grade level winners for the Continental Math League (not in photo order): Stephanie, Egun, Annika, Joey, Chiho, Sara


Cooking Club at Nisi

For the last meeting of the Cooking Club, the students and instructors went to Nisi, an Englewood restaurant owned by a former EMS family. The visit ended with a wonderful meal, prepared especially for the group. Chef John Piliouras greeted the group and gave an overview of the restaurant before taking everyone on a tour of the dining room and then the kitchen and storage areas. The students learned about the importance of sanitation, keeping all utensils clean, and the role of refrigeration in preventing the growth of bacteria.

The pastry chef preparing dessert of ice cream sandwiches made from cookies and honey vanilla ice cream, both made at the restaurant.

Oh Boy, What a Show!

Kindergarten Circus, everyone!


First Grade Research

Our first grade students have been working on research skills. They began by choosing a topic to research. After finding books about their topics, the children thought about what they already knew, and what they wanted to learn more about. They gathered information from non-fiction books and organized this information into a final written piece. Students also used the internet to search for pictures that illustrated their topic, and created computer drawings that reflected information that they had learned from their research. Pictured below, as a culminating activity, the children designed posters to share their knowledge of the topic with their classmates. (Post: Ms Lowell)

Just like Old Times

Scenes from today's 6th Grade Medieval Day. Below: processional and dance.

Below: The Royal Court is seated.
(images and video clips: Mr. Cooper)
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