Students Share Their Talents

On Wednesday, members of the middle school chorus and orchestra gave a performance at the Southeaster Senior Center for Independent Living in Englewood.  From the smiles on their faces, the clapping of hands, and the generous applause, it was clear that our students brought holiday cheer to many people!  It is a pleasure to see our students give of their talents to others!

Two selections below:


Holiday Traditions Shared In Kindergarten

Bringing people together by sharing traditions and customs is one of the many ways EMS instills a respect and understanding of people in children.  We loved having our families share their special holiday traditions with us in school.  Happy Holidays to all!

Weaving in Kindergarten

The children in Kindergarten have been engaged in all sorts of weaving projects and their excitement and enthusiasm for this art form has been wonderful to observe. The children have made belts, necklaces, headbands and other accessories that they proudly wear and gift to their friends. 

The planning and sharing of ideas in design are all a part of the process, and the inspiration they have gained watching each another create designs from simple materials is what collaborative learning is all about.   

Weaving is also a great math activity for all children; particularly for our youngest students. Patterns and designs are practiced and successfully executed as the artist works on moving the materials over and under one another to create beautiful artwork. Concentration, fine motor control, planning and sharing of strategies and skills are all a part of being able to weave.  The satisfaction of producing something real is priceless. The children enjoy every step of the process and are very proud of their end products.



School Store News: VV Ties are in!

Vineyard Vines School ties have arrived just in time for the holiday concert.  Youth ties are $40 and adult ties are $45.  Supplies are limited.  If you are interested in purchasing a tie, please contact any one of the following school store chairs:  
Courtney Miglietta (courtneymyers@aol.com)
Fran Rowbottom (franmrow@me.com)
Anne Ryoo (anne.ryoo@gmail.com).

Two Unusual Signs of the Season

Miniature snowmen on the stairs to Little School

The skeleton outside the door to Mrs. Milne's science room.


Middle School Respect and Responsibility Rally

The four C's of Consideration, Cooperation, Courtesy and Compassion are core values of The Elisabeth Morrow School. On Friday, December 9,  middle school students held a rally to promote "Respect and Responsibility."  Eighth grade students Carter Hirschhorn and Joseph DeRose were emcees and student leaders from every grade led the school in cheers, songs and activities. One of the activities was the creation of a puzzle that once assembled spelled "Respect and Responsibility," the theme of this rally.  Each puzzle piece was signed by a middle school student. As well, teachers and students wore the school colors of green and white as a demonstration of unity and school spirit .

~Mrs. DiGirolamo & Mrs. DiPaolo, Photos: Mrs. Fiocchi


What do we want? Teamwork!

How do 35 children of different ages and ideas work together to create a spectacular end product?  The answer is simple, teamwork.  Our 4 Year Olds enjoyed spending an afternoon with their sixth grade buddies where math, science, writing, collaboration and joy all took place in a well planned activity.   Above you will notice holiday cards being carefully created while others measured, poured and followed the directions of the assembly line waiting their turn to add ingredients to make what will surely be a very special holiday treat.  Having opportunities to work together and share is one of the hallmarks here at EMS.


Miss Evans' Reading Group Learns about Seeing Eye Dogs

"In keeping with the spirit of compassion, reading group read the book Buddy, The First See and Eye Dog by Eva Moore.  The students learned that people who cannot see can work and earn a living, and can live wonderful. complete, and happy lives, just as sighted people do.  They learned the importance of service dogs and the role they play in helping people who cannot see.  
     The students were so touched by the story, they wrote a letter to The Seeing Eye, Inc. (located in Morristown, N.J.) telling them how much they learned, and asking them to send more information about their guide dogs, and if was possible to have a visit from one of their guide dogs.  The Seeing Eye Inc. wrote back, and the students were ecstatic!" 
     ~Miss Evans


Woodworking in Kindergarten

Woodworking in Kindergarten has many advantages for any growing child. There is all sorts of learning going on as the children work with wood and tools. Using tools is real work and children are motivated to use them properly. They quickly develop the self- control and responsible habits necessary to participate in this high- interest activity. In addition to the obvious lessons of responsibility, respecting materials and safety there are other advantages to wood working for young children. At this age children are developing a sense of personal and environmental space. Woodworking helps ground their bodies as they create big motions while sanding and sawing and strengthens large muscles in their trunks and arms which are all related to HANDWRITING. Posture, pencil grip and even eye-hand coordination are practiced as they move their arms and hammer nails into wood. Learning to successfully use real tools builds self esteem and develops an appreciation for the process of how things are created; joyful learning is what Kindergarten is all about!

Kindergarten Blasts into Space Research

Kindergarten students have been having a blast learning about outer space!  They read fiction and nonfiction  book including a story about the first walk on the moon.  They were so excited to learn that Buzz Aldrin visited our school in 2005.  It was fun to step in the space boot prints in our courtyard that he left for us to remember him by.  Next, the children each chose the moon, a star or a planet to research and replicate.  Building their own space ship in our dramatic play area with hollow blocks was such an exciting and memorable experience for the class.  They added details such as computers, gauges, food and fuel before officially counting down for outer space!  10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF Kindergarten on your adventures in space.



At intervals during the middle school Thanksgiving Program, students read pieces created for the occasion.  So often it is the songs and instrumentals that stand out in these kinds of programs.  It is easy to forget some of the wonderful creations, made with words, not notes, that our students share.

Here is a photo of the contributors.
Click here for their creations.