Woodworking in Kindergarten

Woodworking in Kindergarten has many advantages for any growing child. There is all sorts of learning going on as the children work with wood and tools. Using tools is real work and children are motivated to use them properly. They quickly develop the self- control and responsible habits necessary to participate in this high- interest activity. In addition to the obvious lessons of responsibility, respecting materials and safety there are other advantages to wood working for young children. At this age children are developing a sense of personal and environmental space. Woodworking helps ground their bodies as they create big motions while sanding and sawing and strengthens large muscles in their trunks and arms which are all related to HANDWRITING. Posture, pencil grip and even eye-hand coordination are practiced as they move their arms and hammer nails into wood. Learning to successfully use real tools builds self esteem and develops an appreciation for the process of how things are created; joyful learning is what Kindergarten is all about!