World Blogging Project

I never thought I would be blogging about blogging.

Today an educator in England, David Mitchell, launched a project to see how many people around the world would blog on February 29th. He made it as simple as possible so that anyone could participate. I created a class post with Mrs. Galas' class and each of the students in Mrs. Keller's class created their own post. I know there are other students that participated as well. It was fun to introduce these children to blogs and give them the chance to participate in one themselves. We also looked at the demographics about how many people participated and looked at the country flags of those people. I think it will be fun to go back to the site and look for our students' posts. It's exciting that they got to publish something for the world to read.

Check out the Feb29th.net blog.

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Thinking of Others

First Graders Read to our 4-yr-old Students

Miss Evans' first grade reading group enjoyed practicing their newly acquired reading skills by partnering  up and reading to our 4-year-old students in Chilton House!  It was a huge success!  The younger students asked the first graders if they could do it again!  

Preschool of Rock comes to visit

Darren from the Preschool of Rock came to visit us on Friday!  We had a blast singing, dancing and making music with our Chilton House friends.


Building Self-control, the American Way

"In any culture, the development of self-control is crucial. This ability, which depends on the prefrontal cortex, provides the basis for mental flexibility, social skills and discipline. It predicts success in education, career and marriage. Indeed, childhood self-control is twice as important as intelligence in predicting academic achievement."

In case you missed this article in Sunday's NY Times, here's the LINK.



In Kindergarten the children really know how to think of ways to get to 100. Below are a few examples of kinds of activities that took place in class today to celebrate the 100th day of school. To apply our understanding of counting by 10's the children made Cheerio necklaces stringing 10 groups of 10 Cheerios at a time. Children used skip counting by 2's and 5's on a number chart to successfully jump to 100. We also baked 20 cookies each containing 5 chips for a total of 100.  Counting to 100 never tasted so good!


Volunteers Pull Together to Sew New Quilts for CH

The spirit of community is alive and well at The Elisabeth Morrow School. A group of volunteers jumped into action when new quilts for the early childhood program were requested. The quilts, currently serving as rest mats for our youngest students, were sewn with love over twenty years ago by a dedicated and talented parent. Volunteers gathered today to cut over one hundred yards of fabric for this project. We are actively seeking sewers to help and all are welcome (grandparents, friends, and family). Please contact Beth Brennan if you are interested.


Imagination Is Valued in Kindergarten

On a recent rainy day in Kindergarten, we read the books, Beryl's Box by Lisa Taylor and Not a Box by Antoinette Portis.  We later gave groups of children boxes and asked them to brainstorm ideas of what they could make out of a box.  The children decided together which idea to use and spent several work periods adding to their creations. They extended the activity to writing and art where props were included and accessories were designed to enhance the end products.  Imagination and opportunity creates masterpieces!


Mrs. B's 4th Grade Egyptian Gods Project


Each year, the middle school holds a carnival for a charity they have selected.   This year the agency is Youth Counseling Services.  Enjoy today's scene.

Robin Peck, the Director of Youth Counseling Services, stopped by to see the fun.

Art Winners


First Grade Visit to the EFD

"The first grade visited the Englewood Fire Department as part of their study of Neighborhood  and Community.  We saw the different tools and equipment the firefighters use. We even got to sit inside a fire truck anf wear a fire helmet and jacket!" ~ Mrs. Ebeling

"A die enim gemini"

Putting Pros

"As part of the 7th & 8th grade Intramural/PE program, students learn the skill of putting, while participating in a mini golf tournament. Other "lifetime" sports include badminton, bowling, tennis and volleyball." ~ Mrs. Gabriel


C3 - The Crown Makes Us Special

Our International Festival has continued to inspire us in C3. Kimberly Dobson and I recently read The Crown On Your Head by Nancy Tillman.  The book is about how every child is born with a crown and the crown is everything that gives us unique value. Our crown is always with us wherever we go, whatever we do. The children in C3 made their own crowns and were so excited to be all sorts of different "royalties." ~Stephanie Morel

Former EMS Teacher Exhibits Locally

Former EMS teacher Barbara Landberg will be exhibiting her work at the Englewood Public Library from March 2 to 28.  The collection is titled "Seeing the Beauty All Around US" and features watercolors, Chinese brush painting, acrylics, collage and multi-media.  Ms. Landberg was a teacher with The Elisabeth Morrow School for 30 years and currently teaches art in our Summer Explorations program (which she's been involved with for over 20 years).

Visit to the EPD

As part of their study of Neighborhood Community, the first graders took a field trip to the Englewood Police Department.  There, they toured the dispatch room, fingerprinting room, and even got to sit in a police car!  Our other community field trips this month include the Englewood Fire Station and Whole Foods Market.  
~ Mrs. Galas