Morrow House Students Help Fours with Life Size Drawings

After the four year olds created outlines of their bodies, Morrow House students went to their classroom to help them choose the colors and strategies to turn their outlines into self portraits.

6th Grade Greek Olympics

On Tuesday, March 12, the 6th grade participated in the Greek Olympics complete with both drama and competition. Afterwards, they enjoyed a Greek feast and announced the winning competitors.

Chilton House Sing Along welcomes special guest

After a series of Irish-themed songs in honor of St. Patrick's Day, Chilton house students got a treat this morning with a special rendition of Abiyoyo told and sung by parent Mr. Robert Kennedy.

Third Graders Celebrate Colonial Day

The third grade was transformed into 17th century colonial America this morning. Students spent this morning working on crafts in traditional garb. The Colonial unit's activities combine themes from social studies, language arts, math, science, art, and music.

Math League

Here we go!

Link Up: Fourth Grade Carnegie Hall Audition

The fourth grade violinists and recorder players performed their well rehearsed pieces for the Carnegie Hall auditions for Link Up, a student centered program offered to schools all over the world. Arriving well before the start of the school day to play and film, our dedicated musicians poured their talents and love of music into their performance. We are proud of their dedication and love of music!


Sixth graders celebrate Greek Olympics

On Tuesday, the sixth grade celebrated the Greek Olympics with prayers, dances, plays, music, astronomy, and athletic contests. The day was capped off by a Greek feast and capped off a unit of study weaving social studies, language arts, math, science, music, art, and physical education.

4th Graders Get Busy Discovering Pi

EMS 4th graders braved the cold weather to celebrate Pi Day (3.14) in the Little School Courtyard. They drew circles, measured the diameter and circumference with string and rulers, and explored the relationship (or ratio) between the two measurements...which, of course, they found to be 1:3.14....or π

It's one thing to tell a child what pi is, it's another to actually have them work it out and see it for them selves.  Experiential learning works best!

Ms. Rota setting up the Pi Day assignment

KIdTown Comes Alive in 1st Grade

As part of the first-grade study of neighborhood communities, each class created and designed a community out of boxes and other construction materials. The completed "buildings" were later assembled to represent a 3-D model of a town. The children discussed the placement of the buildings, needs of a community, and added details like road signs and power lines to make them complete.

Parents and siblings were invited to visit the classrooms to view the neighborhoods. One child commented, "I wouldn't want to live in that town. They do not have a fire station." Yikes!

Learning about the people, places and purpose of a community are important lessons in educating and growing good citizens.  Assignments such as these also set the stage for more in depth social science study that lies ahead in future grades.  Cooperative play, planning and strategic thinking are engaged, as well as the development of imagination and visual-spacial intelligence.
~Beth Brennan, Lower School Head


Project Cicero a Great Success

Almost 200 teachers came to EMS this afternoon to browse the tens of thousands of donated books. The teachers filled boxes and suitcases with books for their classrooms and students. The event, involving dozens of EMS families and students and planned by EMS parent Teddi Hunter and Jennifer Backer, was a resounding success.

Many of the teachers were from Teach for America, Newark. EMS also hosted TfA's quarterly professional development workshop this morning.

Congratulations and our Sincerest Thanks to Teddi Hunter and Jennifer Backer