Buddies Garden Together

Yesterday, a group of sixth graders came down to Chilton House to join the Kindergartners in our garden.  Together they used shovels to turn the earth and loosen the dirt, preparing it for planting.  They dug out weeds and discovered a multitude of living things.

The children also used trowels to plant flowers called "Johnny Jump Ups" in our raised garden beds.  The older children making sure that their "little buddies" used the tools safely.

Throughout the year we take any opportunities we can to bring together our kindergarten and 6th grade buddies.  The older children tell them some of what they have to look forward to as they move through the years at EMS.  

This week's gardening activity was particularly meaningful because the current sixth graders were our first kindergarten gardeners.  Many of them remember "the big dig" when we first filled our gardens with good soil for growing.  They shared memories of gardening with their buddies as they worked side by side.

Center for Food Action Collects our Bounty

73 boxes, 43 plastic bags of food (counted by Kenjiro!) and $110 in cash to CFA today. Faculty and students loved dressing casually, and donating "felt good,"  said Adelina.  A win-win situation for all. Students helped our men and the CFA driver to load the truck.



Our Mascot is an Eagle

Students in Mrs. Lester's second grade reading groups have been following a live webcam of a bald eagle's nest in Decorah, Iowa.  Three eggs appeared in the nest the third week in February and hatched at the end of March.  The three eaglets have grown rapidly and will fledge at the end of June.  The students researched in books and online, information about bald eagles, their appearance, habitat, diet, nesting and eggs, behavior and conservation. To view the live webcam at home go to: LINK

Pre-K: Testing the Cars - April 2012

More photos from this morning's test runs–6th grade buddies and Mr. Cooper were on hand to help out.  Click the photo to view the gallery.

The 6th Grade and Pre-K Have Physics Class Together

The 6th grade and Pre-k buddy classes got a real lesson in physics today when they built and tested out a variety of tracks to race their newly made vehicles down.  Using hollow blocks, wooden blocks, benches and other materials the group set out to build tracks capable of running cars down and on.  They experimented with the effects of ramp height on the velocity of the cars.  The children observed gravity working its force on moving the cars down the tracks as they adjusted the heights of the ramps.  I am not sure who had more fun today with this very scientific lesson but I have a strong suspicion that we will be observing a lot of ramps and tracks in our block building areas for days to come!


We learn about Safavid Tile Panels

Within a Room

Our guide focuses the students on specific elements of the court.

First Stop

Prayer Niche

The Art of the Arab Lands

This morning the 7th Grade visits the Met.


And More Comes in Each Day

The Middle School food drive for CFA is incredibly successful.  This photo shows only part of what has been collected already!  Two more days to go.  Link to more information.

Author Trenton Lee Stewart visits EMS

On Monday, April 23rd, Trenton Lee Stewart, the author of The Mysterious Benedict Society series, presented to the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades in the Cohen Center.  Mr. Stewart included EMS on his national spring author tour to promote his new book, a prequel to the series entitled The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict.  Mr. Stewart spoke to the children about his books and answered their questions regarding his ideas and writing process.


Get out the sidewalk chalk and commit a poem to pavement!

National Poetry month is about celebrating and sharing poetry.  What better way to celebrate than by sharing poems on campus?  A group of first graders chose their favorite poems to share!  ~ Ms. Evans 


In Pre-K using the tape measures attached to the wall, we have marked the height of every child at the beginning of each season.  The children enthusiastically observe and compare how much they have all grown.  Individual pictures were recently taken of the children as each proudly pointed to their spring heights.  They designed spring colored tissue paper frames around them creating special keepsakes.



The Kindergarten students are learning about animals. They began by brainstorming a list of types of animals.  Next, they worked collaboratively in small groups to sort the animals listed into categories: pets, farm animals, and wild animals. Each child then chose an animal that they are interested in researching. Through the use of books and technology the children are searching for information about their animal's characteristics, habitat, diet, and offspring. They will create an informative and colorful poster as a tool to present their animal expertise to their classmates. No good study would be complete without a go beyond experience so we will be off to the Turtle Back Zoo later in the month.

Animals Make Good Pets

The children in Kindergarten are excited to be learning about animals. After discussing which animals make good pets they built their own vet's office in the hollow block area.  Students brought in stuffed "pets" from home to act as patients. The children took turns being veterinarians, pet owners and receptionists.

Poetry in Little School

April is Poetry Month.  Students in Little School are reading, writing and reciting poetry all month long. First graders enjoyed reading poems to their parents during an early morning poetry share this week.  A Little School Assembly was the venue for other young poets to read their poems to an audience.

Arlington National Cemetery

This morning, after visiting the Eternal Flame and the Changing of The Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, we dedicated a wreath from The Elisabeth Morrow School at the Tomb. Here, our 8th grade Student Council representatives receive their instructions and present the wreath. During the ceremony, we stood with hands on hearts as Taps was played.

We are now on the bus returning from what has been an educational, enriching, and exciting trip.

At the WW II Memorial

After a tour of Embassy Row and the National Cathedral, we took some time to reflect at the Vietnam and World War II Memorials. At the World War II Memorial, some students met a veteran of the war and took a moment to thank him for his service to the country.


Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Students remembered and reflected at the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. They also visited the New York 9/11 Memorial last month.