Buddies Garden Together

Yesterday, a group of sixth graders came down to Chilton House to join the Kindergartners in our garden.  Together they used shovels to turn the earth and loosen the dirt, preparing it for planting.  They dug out weeds and discovered a multitude of living things.

The children also used trowels to plant flowers called "Johnny Jump Ups" in our raised garden beds.  The older children making sure that their "little buddies" used the tools safely.

Throughout the year we take any opportunities we can to bring together our kindergarten and 6th grade buddies.  The older children tell them some of what they have to look forward to as they move through the years at EMS.  

This week's gardening activity was particularly meaningful because the current sixth graders were our first kindergarten gardeners.  Many of them remember "the big dig" when we first filled our gardens with good soil for growing.  They shared memories of gardening with their buddies as they worked side by side.