Come to the Expo Day

A message from EMS Auxiliary Programs:
Summer Explorations is hosting an Expo Day, Sunday, May 1, from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Little School Courtyard. All are welcome. Also, information and registration is now available for June Express.

6th Grade Buddies visit their Kindergarten Friends

It is a special treat when the older students come for a visit with their buddies. They read together and play games, as well as just enjoy each other's company!

New Chicks

The chicks have hatched in the Little School science room. The Children are seeing the miracle of new life!


A Few Scenes of Spring at Little School

First Grade Poetry

As April is National Poetry Month, Ms. Lowell's first grade students have been busy writing and reading their poetry. They learned that poets look at things very closely, and in a new and different way. They experimented with a variety of poetry styles including: List Poems, Repeating Word Poems, Sound Poems, Comparison Poems, Acrostic Poems, and Shape Poems. Each class celebrated this study with a Poetry Share.

Meanwhile, Ms. Ebeling's first graders were also excited to recite their poems at their poetry celebration. Each student selected a favorite poem they wrote to "fix up," and parents were invited to their poetry share.
(Post: Ms. Lowell and Ms. Ebeling)


John Stephens visits EMS

Author, John Stephens, presented to 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades in the Gymkhana, yesterday. He discussed his new book, The Emerald Atlas, and talked about the writing process. (Post: Ms. Walia)

EMS musicians to be on National Carnegie Hall DVD

Recently, Carnegie Hall selected our fifth-grade musicians to be featured in a DVD promoting their national Link Up program.

"Carnegie Hall was thoroughly impressed with our students and school, and this DVD will be sent to hundreds of schools around the United States, and seen by hundreds of thousands of students. Their goal is 300,000 kids for next year...it's pretty exciting that we were the first school they asked to be featured." ~Ms. White

Here's a couple of videos from the filming.


Dr. Osit speaks with Parents at EMS

Dr. Michael Osit, clinical psychologist and author of Generation Text: Raising Well-Adjusted Kids in an Age of Instant Everything, to speak to parents this morning. Dr. Osit has worked with children and adolescents for more than three decades. He frequently presents seminars and workshops for mental health professionals, educators and parents on issues related to child development, children’s behavior and communication between the generations. The talk, sponsored by the Parents Association, was well-received and lasted over two hours.

ECH Sculpture Project

The children in C8 have been exploring and creating with sugar cubes, marshmallows and toothpicks. These materials allow the children to construct three-dimensional, open-ended creations. (Post: Ms. Aslam)

Fun with Money!

First grade students have been having fun studying about money! They have closely observed coins with magnifying glasses enabling them identify details such as size, color, thickness, presidents on the heads side, and various symbols of our country on the tails side. The children have also enjoyed playing games that explore probability by flipping coins, and the value of coins by playing "Coin Exchange" game. They are learning the value of coins, how to count money, and how to make change through the use of subtraction. (Post: Ms. Lowell)

Daniel Scher '08 talks about Seeds of Peace Experience

Recently, Elisabeth Morrow welcomed back Daniel Scher '08 to speak with the Middle School about his experience as a camper at the Seeds of Peace program in Maine this past summer. Daniel, who is 17 and a junior at Tenafly High School, was one of fifteen American delegates selected to attend this program which included Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Pakistani, Afghan andIndian teenagers. As well, Daniel was recently selected to represent Tenafly High School at the Boys State Leadership Development program this summer and will also be attending an International Relations program at Georgetown University. (Post: Ms. Bower)

Tech Talk: Demystifying Gaming

Open for all parents.

Please join us on April 26 for a Tech Talk. Topic: Demystifying Gaming.

Discussion led by Director of Technology, Sarah Rolle, and Technology Teacher, Marianne Malmstrom.

Morrow House - Macbook Lab

8:30 a.m. Coffee and Breakfast

9 a.m. Discussion


HEADlines: Twittering the DC trip

Follow Dr. Lowry and the 8th graders on twitter as they travel to Washington, D.C. this week. Or follow this feed on our website.


Math Race!

Recently, Morrow House students participated in the Amazing Math Race 2011. They worked in small teams to solve math problems in a race throughout the school. The winning team for each grade competed in a face-off in front of all of their peers. The race was created and organized by Ms.Snyder. Photos: Ms. Ehatamm.

World War II and Vietnam War Presentation

Lou DiPaolo (L) and Bill Currie (R). Photo: Ms. Fiocchi

Lou DiPaolo joined the Marines when he was 17 so he could fight in World War II. By the time he was 18, he was fighting in the Battle of Iwo Jima. Nineteen years later, 20 year old Bill Currie was drafted into the army and fought in Vietnam.

Recently, our eighth grades students listened attentively as these two veterans spoke of the wars in which they served. During the hour-long presentation, Mr. DiPaolo (equipped with a slide show, his “dog-tags” and “V-Mail”) and Mr. Currie spoke of the times they lived in, their experiences in war, their return to civilian life, and their perspectives of those wars all these years later. Though their circumstances were vastly different, both men discussed the horrors of war and expressed their love of their

The presentation by these valuable “primary sources” was part of the preparation for the eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. The experiences of Mr. DiPaolo and Mr. Currie will make the students’ tour of the monuments and their visit to The Price of Freedom, Americans at War exhibit at the National Museum of American History particularly meaningful. And to continue their study of “upstanders” in history, the class was honored to have two in their midst.

~Ms. Bower, EMS History Department Chair

Little Map Makers

"First graders are learning about different kinds of maps. In reading group, the children created a story map for the fable, The Ant and The Grasshopper credited to Aesop." ~Ms. Evans


Speaking Up Down Under

Evan Goldstein (left) with Choate Rosemary Hall Debaters in Brisbane

Along with fellow teammates, Choate junior, Evan Goldstein (EMS Class of 2008) is competing in the 2011 World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships in Brisbane, Australia. Here's the story from CRH's The News on how he got there.


Egyptian God Hall of Fame

Virtual World projects, as a creative means of presenting and sharing their research, are an integral part of the EMS tech curriculum. Check out these very cool Egyptian God videos created by Ms. Bhagia's fourth graders (along with Ms. Malmstrom's assignment outline); follow this link.

From Technology teacher, Ms.
"I just wanted to note that these kids were amazing! I knew I was asking a lot of them because it was a really hard project with a fairly steep learning curve. They were so excited and pitched in and helped each other. They actually completed it much sooner than I anticipated, and I was able to share their work at the 4th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (an international online conference hosted in Second Life). Needless to say, the kids work was well received!"

More about EMS Technology here.

(Post: Ms. Malmstrom)