Weaving in Kindergarten

The children in Kindergarten have been engaged in all sorts of weaving projects and their excitement and enthusiasm for this art form has been wonderful to observe. The children have made belts, necklaces, headbands and other accessories that they proudly wear and gift to their friends. 

The planning and sharing of ideas in design are all a part of the process, and the inspiration they have gained watching each another create designs from simple materials is what collaborative learning is all about.   

Weaving is also a great math activity for all children; particularly for our youngest students. Patterns and designs are practiced and successfully executed as the artist works on moving the materials over and under one another to create beautiful artwork. Concentration, fine motor control, planning and sharing of strategies and skills are all a part of being able to weave.  The satisfaction of producing something real is priceless. The children enjoy every step of the process and are very proud of their end products.