Math And Literacy Come to Life with pumpkins in Kindergarten

Our trip to Demarest Farm to pick pumpkins inspired the kindergartners to write a story about their experience.  Each child contributed ideas to our collaborative story. We worked together to put the story in sequential order, an important literacy skill that all three kindergartens are currently working on. Then after reading it aloud as a class, they all got a copy to illustrate and take home.

We had so much fun putting our pumpkins into size order! Then each child estimated the weight of his or her pumpkin before weighing it on a scale to find the actual weight. We practiced estimation again when we guessed how many seeds were in our classroom pumpkin. Then we scooped them out and counted by tens. There were 350 seeds! 

The children love learning when it can connected to their real lives and that is how we make learning fun...