Third Grade Clan Naming

The third grade is studying about the Lenni Lenape. Every Lenape Indian belonged to a clan. The three clans were wolf, turkey and turtle. Students from the three third grade classes participated in a ceremony to determine which clan each class would represent.

The ceremony began after the three classes formed a large circle in a clearing in the woods. The oldest child from each class was selected to take part in the stone passing. They entered into the middle of the circle and stood back to back. While all the other children sang a song the three young elders passed three stones around. When the music stopped the eldest child stopped passing the stones and held onto their class’s stone.

They walked back to their classroom and looked at their stones.

Mrs. Goldman’s class got the turkey stone. Mrs. Barile’s class got the turtle stone.  Mrs. Wein’s class got the Wolf stone.

All three classes were happy! They all cheered.

After having seen their stones all the children got to eat three sisters soup which was beans, squash, and corn. It was good. YUM YUM! It was a fun ceremony!!
~Mrs. Goldman's Class