EMS Math Team Earns Runner-up Honors in CBA Contest

On Saturday, Oct. 20,  seven Elisabeth Morrow Algebra I students and their parents traveled to Monmouth County to participate in the 41st Annual Christian Brothers Academy 8th Grade Math Contest. EMS was represented by: Caleb Shaia, Austin Kwak, William Chung, Kelly Yen, Annika Kim, Pantelis Paliouras, and Christian Maloney. Approximately 40 schools, with teams of 5 to 8 students, competed in either the private or public school division. 

I am pleased to announce that Annika Kim came in 6th place and Pantelis Paliouras came in 2nd place, both in the private school division. The team as a whole came in 2nd in the private school division which is an excellent achievement considering this was the first time that Elisabeth Morrow has competed in this contest. Kudos to all who participated!!

And, lest any of you out there think these questions are easy, here is an example of one of the problems:   It takes 1242 digits to number the pages of a book consecutively. How many pages are in the book?

~ Ms. Toth, EMS Math Chair