More Middle School Academic Awards to Celebrate!

]The following students earned recognition for excellence on the American Mathematics Competitions' 8th grade contest: Stephanie (6th grade), Annika (7th grade), Matthew (5th grade), Joey (8th grade), Dylan (5th grade), David (8th grade), Allen (5th grade), Sang Uk (8th grade), Austin (5th grade), Justin (8th grade), William (7th grade).  David was in the top 1% nationally.  These students will take the 10th grade contest in the coming weeks.
Spelling Bee Champions:  Emily (school champion) and Sang Uk (runner-up) receive their awards
The following 8th grade students received recognition for their performance on the National Etymology Exam (a high school contest): Bronze medalists: Peter, Nick. Caroline.  Silver medal: Casey, Lauren, Justin, Sang Uk.
Congratulations to you all!