Boys' Basketball Off To A Good Start

The Boys' Basketball team is comprised of 26 players ranging from 6th - 8th grade. They have started the year off very well with victories over Alpine, Tuxedo Park, Saddle River and Collegiate. The players have been coming every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for practice, and have worked very hard to improve their skills.

Newcomers Willy DelRio, Galen Raab, and Alon Berkowitz have impressed everyone with their hustle, determination  and knowledge of the game. Veterans Richard Nelson, Joey DeRose, Jeffrey Richardson, Zane Diaz, and Greg Litt have done whatever it takes to help the team.

Jon Candler leads the team in rebounding and has inspired everyone with his hustle. Sal Buzzerio is the team's lead scorer and has displayed impressive offensive talent. Three-year-starter Carter Hirschhorn has taken his game to a new level and has always set a positive tone for the entire team. The Eagles have a few home games remaining, so if you want to watch exciting middle school basketball, please come and support the team!

~Coach Love