Student Council Elections

Last Friday, at the middle school assembly, twelve eighth graders stood in front – or among, for some of them – their fellow students and delivered speeches in favor of their candidacy for middle school Student Council. The speeches marked the culmination of ten days of campaign posters, flyers and other paraphernalia and resulted in the election of three new eighth grade officers, Alex, Sang Uk, and Soyoung, and the President of the class of 2012, Carter.

It is not uncommon for almost half the eighth grade class to run for President. Faculty and students have become accustomed to listening to more than a dozen speeches, which often take the assembly period beyond its normal end time. It is a mark of the community that this many students wish to serve their school and its student body, not to mention to be willing to give up their recess once a week (Student Council meets Fridays during lunch/recess time).

Candidates promised to communicate with and listen to their constituents and to work collaboratively with teachers and administrators. They also presented ideas and raised issues aimed at making student life richer. Among the ideas were a middle school buddy program, activity nights, a regular visiting ice cream cart, more casual dress days and, as always, tastier snacks. It is clear that Carter and his team have a lot on the agenda.

-- Aaron Cooper