Spanish Lessons

The first grade students are retelling the story of Goldie Locks And The Three Bears after learning "family" vocabulary. As well, the first graders are working on puzzels that review "community helpers" vocabulary.

Our third graders have recently learned the highlights of the Aztec Civilization. Our special guest, Mrs. Lowry, came to the class to talk to the students about the story of el chocolatl and its connection to the Aztecs and the Spanish Conquistadors. The students also learned about the cacao seeds and all the other original ingredients used to make their chocolatl. The students were also able to make their own chocolatl: both the ancient Aztec kind as well as the chocolate we know today.

The fourth graders have recently studied the Maya civilization. Again, Mrs. Lowry came to talk to the students about the main sources of food for the Mayas. The students where delighted to make and eat guacamole. "Delicioso!" That's what they say!!

(Post: Srta. Gonzalez)