The Bouncy Ball Compact

Recently, third graders in Ms. Bliesener's class heard about the positive effects of replacing classroom chairs with exercise balls. Ms. Bliesener, in conjunction with their studies on the American Colonies and the Mayflower Compact, asked the class to develop a set of rules and expectations for the use of the exercise balls. Which is what they did. The following compact was written, signed and enacted by the students; what a wonderful example of the curriculum in action!

Bouncy Ball Compact

February 11, 2011

We the class of 3B agree to use the bouncy balls under the following terms. The most important rule is that there is no falling off the ball. If you do, the person who fell off loses the ball for two days. Another rule is to keep your feet on the ground. There is no dribbling, picking the balls, no patting and no jumping to high on the ball. If you would like to move to another spot, you will have to get up and roll the ball. You will also have to move any work if needed. There is no picking up the ball!! When you eat, do it over your table. We do not want food on our D.H's! The balls also collect dust. The maintenance crew will wipe down the balls every Friday so that we will have clean balls for a new week. Also, when you take a bouncy ball, remove it from the basket brake, put the brake under the table (stack the break if necessary), and start bouncing. Under thy terms, the bouncy ball compact shall live forever.