Last Week's Reptile Shuffle...

"I had to move all of my reptiles: snakes and lizards, to Carolyn's room so that they'd have a warm room and heat lamps after Morrow House lost power. Reptiles need at least 80 degree temperatures so that they can digest their food. I was worried about my snakes and lizards and Carolyn helped me set up tanks for Luna (the small python I'm carrying), Jabba the bearded dragon and a number of lizards and geckos. Vito, Germaine DiPaolo, and Aaron Cooper helped me carry them down and Nancy Dorrien and Aaron helped me bring them back up to my room today after power came back on. It was a stressful week for so many of us!" ~Dr. Day (Photo: Dr. Day)


No Sooner Said....

Just received word that the power has been restored to Morrow House. Phone lines are back and e-mail/internet will follow shortly. Thank you for bearing with us, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Have a great spring break.

Lines Of Communication Are Down

If you didn't already know, The Elisabeth Morrow School, like many in the metro NYC area, after being hit with a significant storm a week ago, is still without phone, e-mail and internet service. Our Middle School building, as of today, is still without power. We regret the inconvenience but this matter has been beyond our control. If you have been trying to reach the School, bear with us, we hope to be back on-line very soon.


Second Graders: Putting Poems To Music

This week, the 2nd graders discussed rhythm in poetry. Each group chose a poem from Beatrix Potter's "Nursery Rhymes for Children" and read it several times to find its natural rhythm. Then, they discussed which classroom instruments would enhance the poem. They used percussion instruments such as drums, wood blocks and xylophones to add melody and sound effects to their poems. Finally, they performed their poem for the rest of their class. Pictured below is Mrs. Holden's class. (Photos: Emily Spaeth)


11 EMS Students Win National Writing Award

"Founded in 1923, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the nation’s largest, longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teenagers in grades 7 through 12. Each year, ambitious students throughout the United States, Canada, and American schools abroad submit works of art and writing to be evaluated by creative professionals, educators, and scholars.

This year, 165,000 works were submitted. Only 1,111 writing manuscripts from the Region-at-Large earned Gold Key recognition. The Elisabeth Morrow School has 11 Gold Key finalists! These works are automatically forwarded to national-level judging for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, to be announced in April. For our relatively small school to earn 1% of the total is beyond all expectations. Great work, students!

These pieces of writing were created in the context of The Writing Club, under them auspices of Ms. Lisa Nicolaou, or in English class with Ms. Tamara McKenna. Thank you, teachers, for outstanding encouragement and inspiration."

~Dr. Lowry

EMS Honors Teachers

Last night, the Elisabeth Morrow trustees and teachers honored its dedicated faculty and staff. For her 50 years devoted to the School, Jean Timbrell was honored with a commemorative silver pendant and necklace. Our heart-felt thanks and congratulations go our to her and the many other honorees (listed below).

10 Years

SueEllen Endick

Kristi Evans

Lourdes Gonzales

Chris Jurgensen

Fran Khani

David Lowry

Lisa Nicolaou

Jeanne Walsh

Donna Williams

15 Years

Gael Barile

Pat Hooven

Yvonne Prata

25 Years

Joann DiGirolamo

30 Years

Phyllis Grossman

"X" is for X-ray

C3 has been learning about community helpers. Through a discussion about doctors and some of the ways doctors help us, we learned about the skeleton and x-rays. The children helped put together the x-rays of a skeleton and compared their body to the x-rays. Coincidentally, the letter of the week is "X." Some of the children proceeded to draw "x-rays" of various skeletal parts for their letter of the week activity. (Photos: Ms. Aslam and Ms. Su)

Elisabeth Morrow Nature Photography

Check out the wonderful images from the Nature Photography Club


Acient Greek Projects

The 6th grade project from their study of ancient Greece are on display in the Morrow House lobby. Come by for a look. (Photos: Dr. Lowry)


Three-Year-Olds Visit Dr. Lowry

Some of our youngest students (three-year-olds from Chilton House) decided to pay a visit to Dr. Lowry in his office this morning. (Photo: Amber Coe)


Hooray for Three's

This morning, on the third day of the third month, three-year-olds and third graders met in the Chilton House Music Room for a singalong. In this picture, Ms. Eickelberg is singing a song about the three bears.


Good Deeds and Bubble Wrap Fun

In an effort to raise the spirits of children at a Haitian orphanage, Chilton House teachers and students have been collecting art and school supplies (things like markers, pencils, backpacks and crayons). Mr. George Swope of Sealed Air Corporation--also an EMS Parent--donated the packaging and mailing services. Today, with the collection over, the students joined Mr. Swope in applying the labels to the boxes and then raised their own spirits by stomping on a length of bubble wrap. It sounded like popcorn...very loud popcorn.