8th Grade Haiti Relief Efforts

"Two days after the earthquake in Haiti, my 8th graders had a brainstorming session for fundraising during our current events class. This is what they have put into place since that day;

• Bake sale, everything baked by the 8th graders
• 8th-grade cooking club made lunch for the faculty
• Haiti Relief wristbands designed, ordered and distributed by the 8th graders
• Haiti Relief t-shirts designed, sold and worn by the 8th graders
• Dinner for 8th-grade parents prepared by the 8th-grade class
• They are providing services to teachers for a donation
• Art show and sale
• They are setting up their own table at the International Luncheon on Saturday
• Straight donation collection

With just the first bake sale, faculty lunch and donations, they have collected $1,800. They came up with the ideas and are taking charge of every aspect. They're fabulous and I am so proud of them!"
~Ms. Michele Bower