Kids Bored? Try This!

When the weather is warm, it's easy to find things to do outside.  But as it turns dreary and cold, parents of young children often scramble for creative ideas to keep the kids entertained. Beth Anne Brennan, Lower School Head and mom of four, offers a list of things to pull out around your house when your child says, "Mom, I'm bored!" 

1.Books- Reading diverse kinds of subject matter sparks interest and invites a child to look at all possibilities of inquiry, exploration, and self-discovery.

2.Materials that can be repurposed---boxes, paper towel rolls, packing bubbles.  Figuring out new uses for old things keeps a child’s mind active!  

3. Tape - duct tape, colored tape, masking tape, scotch tape- children love to connect any and all materials together-the more tape, the better!

4.Do you have flour, water and salt?  Then you can make playdough.  Engage your child in conversation while manipulating this material we all remember from childhood.

5.Water - both inside and outside of the home.  Pouring, measuring, experimenting and sensory engagement are all accomplished through water play.

6. Writing materials - crayons, markers, pencils, craypas, chalk that can be broken, transformed and layered allow a child to develop reading and writing skills. 

7.Food – Have your child measuring, sifting, and pouring the ingredients for a healthy meal or snack. This is a great bonding experience that also promotes healthy habits and wellness.

8.Old menus, signs, tool belts, and office supplies, among other everyday items, bring stories to life and allow children to play out social interactions and conflicts in meaningful and creative ways. 

9.Box of various buttons – the perfect material to explore, count, and repurpose in a child’s play.

10.Space – a child needs space to create, choices for active discovery and a place to get messy without getting “in trouble."