Eagles Lacrosse vs. DES

Way to go Girls' Lacrosse! For yesterday's big overtime win against Dwight-Englewood (8-7).


Fresh Mint Pesto

Cookin' with Mrs. Lowry: these students are sorting and dicing the herbs for Fresh Mint Pesto (with mint picked from our garden).

Summer Explorations Assembly

Today's Little School assembly: the topic was Summer Explorations. Many students wore their Explorations t-shirts. Reminder--Summer Explorations Expo is May 2, 1 to 3 p.m.
The crowd warmed up with "Guacamole!"

Awww....So Cute.

"Chicks are hatching in the Little School Science room!" ~Ms. Milne (Photo: C. Milne)

Learning the "Go Fingers"

Mrs. Moran, occupational therapist, came to work with our class. She gave a lesson on the "go fingers" that we use for writing/drawing/cutting. They did two fine motor activities with her: one that helped the children get a better idea of which fingers we use to hold writing implements, and the other was for strengthening the pincer grip as they used their "go fingers" to string tiny beads onto pipe cleaners. ~Ms. Eickelberg (Photos: P. Eickelberg)

Local Fire Fighters Visit Our 3yr-Olds

4/14: Englewood Firefighters came to see the three-year-olds and talk about fire safety. It was the end of our rescue vehicle unit. Captain Rocco and his crew gave a great demonstration on how to be safe at home and in school. Each of the children had a chance to help spray some water from the big hose onto Dr. Lowry's lawn. Ms. Eickelberg (Photos: P Eickelberg)

Owl in the Classroom

The fourth grade students were treated to a visit of a live owl from the Tenafly Nature center. They are currently studying birds of prey in the temperate biome. They have just read Owl in the Shower by Jean Craighead George. ~Ms. Milne (Photo: C. Milne)


First Grade Math - Counting Exact Change

First Graders shop for fruits and vegetables at Ms. Rota & Ms. Brown's "grocery counter." The children count the exact change they will need to purchase an item. They work with the "store owners" to make sure they have the correct amount." ~ Ms. Brown (Photo: S. Brown)


8th Grade at the Arlington Cemetery

Day 6 in D.C. The eighth grade toured Arlington Cemetery and visited the "eternal flame" at the grave of President John F. Kennedy.

More images from Day 5 in D.C.

More pictures of the 8th grade's tour of the National Mall. (Photos: Dr. Lowry)
At the Lincoln Memorial.
Ms. Winter and Ms. Bower at the WWII Memorial.
On the way to the Jefferson Memorial.
8th graders posing with Jefferson.
8th graders thanking a WWII vet for his service (at WWII Memorial).
Our guide, Tony Pitch, explains the Korean War Memorial.


Day 5 - Eighth Grade in Washington D.C.

Eighth graders pictured here touring the Vietnam Memorial, at the National Mall in Washington D.C. (Photos: D. Lowry)

Chilton House - C3's Earth Day

"Happy Earth Day! The children of C3 have been taking care of the pansies they planted earlier this week. They observe and water their plants daily and note any changes." ~Ms. Su (Photos: H. Su)

Earth Day in C2

From Chilton House:
"We had a parent (Mrs. Agresta) come in and read a few stories about taking care of the environment. She read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, Michael Recycle, and Michael Recycle Litterbug Doug. Also, the class participated in creating several bird feeders using recycled milk/juice containers. We placed them outside in our garden area." ~Mrs. Hur (Photos: A. Hur)

More EMS Nature Photography

"Yesterday, the 7th graders in the Yearbook Club and Nature Photography Club joined forces. These photos are by Simona." ~Dr. Day


Sixth graders visit Prekindergarten

"The sixth grade came to visit Prekindergarten on Monday. We all loved it. The children worked on projects inside classroom and then enjoyed the great spring weather out in the playground!" ~ Mrs. McConville (Photos: L. McConville)

A Special Hello

At the Capitol, the eighth grade grabbed lunch in the Visitors Center. On their way to the Senate, they stopped by the office of Frank Lautenberg, the senior United States Senator from New Jeresy. The Senator was in and said hello.
(Photo: D. Lowry)

D.C. Day 4 - Off to the White House

"It's a rainy day here in Washington D.C. We made an umbrella stop before walking to the White House."
"Here we are, umbrellas and all, entering the U.S. Capitol."

(Photo and post: D. Lowry)


More Day 3 Pictures from D.C.

After a day visiting museums along the National Mall, the eighth grade stops for a group photo in front of the Washington Monument.
Out of this world? The eighth graders watched a movie about the Hubble Telescope at the Imax Theater.

Photos: D. Lowry

8th Grade - Washington D.C. - Day 3

Yesterday's Supreme Court visit was remarkable. We saw the complete oral argument for City of Ontario v.Quon. We had lunch and then met with Justice Sotomayor for 40 minutes. She answered questions, talked about her experiences her first year and was warm and genuine. No pictures were allowed, but several were taken officially. They will follow later.

Today we are heading to the Museum of American History, Museum of the American Indian, and the Air and Space Museum. Tonight is a "movie night." All are well, if a bit tired.

(Picture and post: D. Lowry)