Haiti Dinner

It's 2:30 and a group of 8th graders have begun preparation of the dinner they are serving to their parents tonight to raise funds for Haitian relief. (Photo: Dr. Lowry)

4th Grade Talent Show

Today's fourth-grade talent show was the first of its kind and it is likely to remain a tradition in the Little School. Proceeds from today's were given to Haitian relief. (Photos: Ms. Phend)


Wintery Campus

A couple of pictures of yesterday's snow fall at The Elisabeth Morrow School.

Here's a shot of the campus this morning (below) from Karen Toback.

Jelly Bean Tasting

At the EMS Founder's Day Carnival this past Friday. (Photos: Ann Rothberg)


Family Story Writing Breakfast

A tradition with second graders--students invite a parent to school to help write and share their historical family stories. Here are some images from Mrs. Keller's class.


There are some advantages to all this snow; third graders got to go sledding in gym class today.

Food Donations in the Little School Lobby

Students brought in food donations for the Center for Food Action in exchange for a casual dress day. Bags of food are everywhere in the lobby. Great job, Little Schoolers!


SCHOOL CLOSED • Thursday 2/11/10

Given the continuing snow, the probability of poor driving conditions on side roads and the difficulty of digging the school out from under by morning, The Elsiabeth Morrow School will be closed again, tomorrow, Thursday, February 11. Thank you

Little School Science

Second graders are studying chemical reactions in science class. (Photos: Ms. Milne)


The Lion Dance

This week in Mrs. Spaeth's music classes, the first and second graders learned about the Lion Dance. The people of China dance around as a lion during Chinese New Year, beleiving that the lion and the loud music will scare away the bad luck for the new year, leaving only good luck behind. Pictured are Mrs. Barile's class, dancing as the lion and playing drums and cymbals to celebrate Chinese New Year, which takes place on February 14th." ~Emily Spaeth (Photos: Mrs. Spaeth)

EMS Kindergartener Helps Introduce Mobile Art Carts

On February 4, 2010, Elisabeth Morrow kindergarten student, Caroline Sakovits, and her parents helped introduce Surprise!Supplies, a program that provides mobile art carts filled with arts and crafts supplies for children suffering from chronic or life-threatening illnesses, to the Tomorrows Children's Institute at the Hackensack University Medical Center. Sponsored by The Caroline Fund, Surprise!Supplies provides children with the means to unleash their creative energy, helping them cope with the challenges of stressful and painful hospital visits and treatments." ~Barbara Sakovits (Photo provided by B. Sakovits)

More information: Release | NY1 Video


Little Schoolers get Special Olympics Plaque

Mr. Phillips from the Special Olympics dropped by to present a special plaque to a group of first graders for the money they raised.

Alumni/ae Visit

Elisabeth Morrow alums returned to play for our students as part of the Dwight-Englewood strings group.

Ben Russell also visited from Loomis Chaffee (Windsor, CT). He's holding his favorite science room pet, Josie the Chinchilla. (Photos: Dr. Day)


More Nature Photos

More wonderful campus images from the Nature Photography Club; these from eighth-grader, Natsuko.

Presidents' Day Commemoration

A group of first-grade children, working with Ms. Kristi Evans, read biographies and researched little known facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln which they presented during today's Little School Patriotic Assembly.

Mrs Rosoff, the Little School Librarian, read two of her favorite stories about our famous presidents in commemoration of Presidents' Day which occurs on the third Monday of February. A second-grade student played the role of Lincoln's young son, Tad in a skit.

Weaving The Dyed Yarn

A few weeks ago, Little School students learned to use natural dyes to color yarn. Over the past few days, in Ms. Smithline's Art class, they have been using that yarn in their weaving projects.


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AMAZING ANIMALS - Spring Break Mini-Camp

Join us for a week of learning about the amazing world of animals. From the biggest to the smallest, the fastest to the slowest, you will learn fascinating facts and information about animals from all over the world through hands-on activities, science, cooking projects, arts and crafts, games and more. Plus students will have a chance to interact with live animals during visits from Flat Rock Brook Nature Center and a field trip to the Central Park Zoo.

MARCH 22 – MARCH 26, 2010 • 8:30a to 5:00p

Download the registration form here

Nature Photography Club

"Yesterday, the Nature Photography Club got the chance to see and photograph our beautiful campus covered in a lacy snow. Here's a photo of our members; the other three photos were taken by Al, a seventh grader. Every week, we'll feature one of the budding nature photographers." ~Dr. Day


The International Festival - January 30, 2010

Last Saturday’s International Festival was such a tremendous success! Our sincerest thanks to the three chairs and to all who prepared the outstanding foods from around the world, organized the children’s activities and manned the photo station. This event is such an extension of the warmth and culture of The Elisabeth Morrow School. No matter our heritage, we all know that the education of the next generation is our highest shared priority. We were all moved beyond the classrooms and into the world for a few hours! Thank you.

~Dr. David Lowry

International Festival 2010 Chairs: Kim Kachikian, Nancy Lipka, Karen Toback

See more photos of the International Festival 2010 here.