Today, students came in costume and each advisory group in grade 7 and 8 put on a skit during assembly.  Here, a few of the characters found wandering the halls.

Who is the Real Aaron Cooper?

1st Grade Bake Sale raises $1300 for Special Olympics

As a culmination to their unit on apples, the first graders held an apple bake sale on Wednesday morning in the Grace Muller Courtyard.  The bake sale was a giant success.  Through donations, baked items, and a raffle, the first graders raised over $1,300 for the Special Olympics! 
~ Mrs. Galas

Ron Insana Visits 8th Grade History Class

EMS parent Ron Insana spoke to the 8th graders on Thursday about the economic situation here, the European Union, and Occupy Wall Street. He also shared his personal experiences reporting. He explained difficult topics in a way the students could understand, while still talking to them like intelligent young adults. It was a pleasure having Mr. Insana share his expertise.
  --  Michele Bower, History Teacher


Even the Principals Love to Learn at EMS

Jane Phend and Beth Brennan spent a lovely morning at Gill St. Bernard's School collaboratting with fellow NJAIS Lower School Division Heads about our schools.  Lively conversation was met with a lot of wonderful examples and ideas of how we as independent schools approach the education of children with rigor and care.  Growth and learning happens at all levels here at EMS!


Tough Loss for Eagles against D-E

The Girls' Soccer Team lost, 2-0, to Dwight Englewood yesterday.  The girls had 11 shots on goal, but were not able to net the ball.  Abby Rivoir and Adinah Scherl had 3 shots on goal each, Elle Abitante had 2 and Pam Restrepo, 1.  Emma Michels was tremendous in goal.  She had 7 saves, keeping Dwight to scoring only 2 goals.  We have another game today against S. Hackensack Memorial and we are hoping to hit the back of the net.  Good luck girls!!
~Coach Gabriel


Math And Literacy Come to Life with pumpkins in Kindergarten

Our trip to Demarest Farm to pick pumpkins inspired the kindergartners to write a story about their experience.  Each child contributed ideas to our collaborative story. We worked together to put the story in sequential order, an important literacy skill that all three kindergartens are currently working on. Then after reading it aloud as a class, they all got a copy to illustrate and take home.

We had so much fun putting our pumpkins into size order! Then each child estimated the weight of his or her pumpkin before weighing it on a scale to find the actual weight. We practiced estimation again when we guessed how many seeds were in our classroom pumpkin. Then we scooped them out and counted by tens. There were 350 seeds! 

The children love learning when it can connected to their real lives and that is how we make learning fun...


Mr. Penny's Friday Workshop

In sixth grade's Friday Workshop it was too wet to work on our bridge across the stream, so using Google Earth we put the rivers in Mr.Penny's big Mediterranean map.  Then we took a virtual trip around the Cretean coast looking for ports, ships and olive groves. We also discovered that almost every house in Crete had a swimming pool.  (Posted by. G. Penny, photos by C. Fiocchi)

Final Rehearsal

This afternoon, the EMS Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble and Concert Band will be professionally filmed for selection for the opportunity to play in a local, major stadium -- Yankee Stadium, The Prudential Center, Citi Field, The Meadowlands and Madison Square Garden.  

In the following video, it may be hard to see that the students are arranged in the shape of the American Flag.  Red and white rows and a square of blue in the upper left.  When seen from above, it will be far more obvious.  They have 1 1/2 minutes to get on the field, play, and leave!   (Apologies for this video quality.  I used my new iPhone 4s, which is a great improvement over the past, but it is hardly "professional" in sight and sound.  We will look forward to this afternoon's finished product.) -- David Lowry

More Great Sports Photos

Here are a few from the Boys' Soccer Team (match against Saddle River).
~Photos compliments of Hector Eduardo Selinas

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X-Country Program- A Pair of 2nd Place Finishes

Read about the Girls' and Boys' Cross-Country teams recent success in EMS Sports News.  Enjoy the photos from the race below. (Photos: Gigi Owens)

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Are You a Real Food Mom?

Nutritionist/author, Tracee Yablon Brenner came to share her knowledge and passion about how to feed our families well with foods that taste good and are actually good for us by inspiring the audience with suggestions for foods and meals that are not only simple to make but tasty too.  In Chilton House we are trying to educate our children, parents and teachers to make the connection between what we eat and how it makes us feel!  Her cookbook, Simple Foods For Busy Parents gives parents a great resource for any family that wants real tools for eating more nutritionally to foster the overall health of its members.  Healthy minds and bodies means children will have better opportunities for being ready to learn...we do make that difference here at EMS.


Jack-o-lantern song

Listen to Mrs. Spaeth work with our Early Childhood students as they prepare for next week's Halloween Sing-a-long.

Girls' X-Country News

The Girls' Cross-Country team finished second with 75 points in yesterday's meet at Van Cortlandt Park. The team was led by 8th-grader Caroline Hyer, who was 4th overall in 11:20 (7:30 per mile) and sixth-grader Kira Trout, who finished 9th overall in 11:51.

Team results: 1) Convent of Sacred Heart: 32; 2) EMS 75; 3) Nightingale-Bamford: 75 (EMS wins tie-breaker by virtue of a higher placed sixth runner); 4) Heschel 95; 5) School at Columbia: 101; 6) Fieldston: 128; 7) Horace Mann 150

Next races are Thursday 10/20 at Tenafly Middle School and Tuesday 10/25 at Van Cortlandt Park.

~Coach Cooper

Healthy Foods Equates to Healthy Minds and Bodies

The children in Chilton House are enjoying a variety of healthy options of food choices during their school day.  Some of today's choices for snack included Asian Pear, corn on the cob, homemade apple sauce and  eggplant which will be turned into ratatouille by the chefs in one of our four year old classes.  The children and families are all enjoying being actively involved in instilling in our youngest students healthy eating habits.  There is no better way to encourage children to try new varieties of foods than watching their peers select, prepare and eat them!


Math Practice

Sixth graders worked on an online math program (www.ixl.com) to practice decimal skills. They worked for speed and accuracy. It was an engaging way to drill on a Friday afternoon. Check out the site, as it has practice for all  grade levels.  
Ronnee Lipman, 6th Grade Teacher

Ronnee Lipman, 6th Grade Teacher

Pumpkin Picking Is Science in Kindergarten

Picking pumpkins at Demarest Farm offered the opportunity for a variety of scientific experiences for the kindergarten students. The children were introduced to the growth cycle of the pumpkin and engaged in sequencing activities based on this knowledge. They learned that while the pumpkin is hard and firm on the outside, it is quite different on the inside. The children enjoyed the sensory experience of scooping and separating the many slippery white seeds from the gooey pulp. The seeds were then rinsed and used for toasting, tasting, and finally for planting!


The Four Year Olds and Sixth Grade Learn and Play Together

We are never too old to learn from play.  Last week children in C8 enjoyed a visit from the 6th graders in Mrs. Ehatamm's advisory.  The older children brought an added level to the play as they all worked collaboratively in our centers.  Eating homemade applesauce which was made during the visit was an extra treat leaving smiles on everyone's face.  We look forward to spending more time with the 6th graders.

Community Building in Kindergarten

The kindergarteners are focusing on getting to know each other and building our community.  Each morning we pass a handshake around our circle, practicing several social skills.  The children look each other in the eye, use friendly voices and learn each other’s names.  We have been learning greetings in many different languages and now passing their handshake the children try out different greeting s as well.  Our morning meeting is a platform for learning about each other.  Children share their news, such as a lost tooth or the visit of a grandparent.  A challenge can be faced together, such as friends who want help to solve a conflict.  Empathy is felt when a child reveals that he was scared to try something new.  In our discussions the children build on each other’s strengths, inspire each other and refine ideas. 

Alum to play Jazz Benefit

Bassist Daryl Johns, EMS '10, performs with an all-star lineup for the WBGO Champions of Jazz Benefit. Wednesday, November 2.


Photo Day

Smiles all day long!  Everyone looked terrific, as school photos were snapped throughout the day.  Here, Judd Redmond, our new middle school English teacher, took of picture of our 8th graders while they posed for the professional!  These are our seniors!

Columbus Day Cooking

Mr. Dino Buzzerio, father of 5th grader Catherine and 7th grader  Sal (also a member of the club) , was the Guest Chef at the Cooking Club today. Mr. Buzzerio helped the club prepare an authentic Italian menu of homemade tomato sauce, chicken parmesan, cheese ravioli, tri-color salad, crusty Italian bread with dipping sauce...all topped off with wonderful dessert of Italian marzipan cookies.  It was a fabulous Italian feast enjoyed by students, faculty and staff, thanks to Mr. Buzzerio's culinary talents. (Post: Ms. Fiocchi)


Outdoor Explorers

Outdoor Explorers is a new after school class for Little School students.  Yesterday, students were busy re-creating the path towards the outdoor classroom.  Students worked in groups and took turns shoveling, mulching, and collecting rocks to line the path.  The path is a work in progress and we can't wait to see the finished product!  ~ Mrs. Galas and Mrs. Leff 

Latin Class

In 8th grade Latin II, students are currently exploring the six different tenses of Latin verbs by completing synopsis charts and performing in synopsis races. Due to the complexities of the Latin verb system in comparison to the English verb system, the students must be diligent to watch their verb endings carefully in order to fully grasp each tense. 

This semester alone, we will cover:
•  all verb conjugations in every tense and mood
•  3 noun declensions
•  all pronouns and adjective forms
•  translate passages from Vergil's Aeneid and Ovid's Metamorphosis.

-Rebecca Gove, Morrow House Latin teacher


Over 800 Apples!

"As part of their apple study, the first graders took a field trip to Dr. Davies Apple Farm in Congers, NY.  Altogether, they picked over 800 apples!  After using the apples for various math activities, the first graders will take apples home to bake treats for an apple bake sale.  All the proceeds from the sale will go to the Special Olympics." ~Mrs. Galas

More 5th Grade Adventures

Experiencing history; these images from Stoney Point Battlefield. (Photos: Ms. Riley)