Little School Holiday Concert

A great performance by our Little School singers and musicians
this morning at the Holiday Concert in the Cohen Center.
Here are a pictures from the event, along with a video
clip of "I've Got A Cold In My Nose." Enjoy!


Holiday Performance Preparation

Here, flautists perform in the lobby of the Little School. Catch the Holiday Concerts at Morrow House, tonight at 7PM (Gymkhana) and at Little School/Chilton House (Cohen Center), Friday at 10AM. (Video clip: Shannon Brown)


Geometry Tree

One of the traditions at Morrow House is decorating the tree with 3-D geometrical shapes, created by students, origami-style!


Morrow House Library

Images from today at the Morrow House Library: print and electronic media used for research. Currently the fifth graders are working on The American Revolution, the sixth graders are working on Ancient Greece and the seventh graders are working on Shakespeare and Elizabethan England. (Photos by C. Fiocchi)


How to Eat Like A Child • Video Clip

Here's a video clip of the sixth-grade play, How to Eat Like a Child. (Video by Micah Malmstrom)


The Myth of Perseus

Today’s Morrow House assembly featured a re-telling of the myth of Perseus, who in Greek mythology was the son of Zeus and Danae. He killed the Gorgon, Medusa, and also rescued the Princess Andromeda as she was about to be sacrificed to a sea monster. The version was humorous and filled with anachronisms. The play was directed by Rebecca Gove and Alyssa Connolly, Latin teachers, and starred 7th graders enrolled in the elective Mythology course.


Welcome Back

Matthew Kim, Jesse Novak, Maggie Reinfeld, and David Kim, all currently at Horace Mann School, returned for a visit and talked with Mrs. DiPaolo and former teachers.


How To Eat Like A Child • 6th-Grade Play

The sixth-grade play, How to Eat Like a Child, was in final rehearsal. It promises to be fun for all: audience and actors alike. Thursday at 2:00 pm and 7 pm, Morrow House music room.

EMS Orchestra at Southeast Senior Center

Members of The Elisabeth Morrow School Orchestra perfomed for the Southeast Senior Center in Englewood. They were met with applause and great appreciation.

EMS International Festival • Save the date!

Volunteers are needed - please click here to sign up. Thanks! See you there!

Makin' Latkes

Guest Chef, Phyllis Grossman, fifth-grade teacher, taught the cooking of latkes as Hanukkah approaches. An arugula salad with goat cheese accompanies the latkes.


Alumnae Visit

Ally Siegel and Alexandra Eckert, both '08 and both sophomores at Holy Angels Academy, visited with former teachers and Mrs. DiPaolo. Both are reading the Aeneid in Latin III Honors, taking Geometry and Algebra Honors, and have just finished a full sports season. Ally ranked #16 nationally in rock climbing and Alexandra finished the tennis season as #1 singles, winning 75% of her matches. Congratulations to both!


Good to see you...

Daniel Ackerman and Matt Meyers, both '08 and sophomores in high school, dropped by to say hello today. Daniel is at Trinity School in Manhattan and Matt attends the Bergen Academies.

Winter at EMS

After a warm December start, this morning was crisp and cold. Pictured here, a little snowfall adorns the Grace Muller Courtyard.


Morrow House - Pottery Club Sculptures

These sculptures were made on our first day of pottery club this semester. Each student had a lump of clay and their fingers to work with, no other tools. The idea was to find ways to move the clay just by pinching it and without adding or removing any clay, to fill as much space as possible. We tried to work with a kind of rhythmic energy, which you can see in the finished pieces. Some tried to go as far out horizontally as they could, others tried to go up. In both cases, the pieces had to be balanced well enough to stand on their own. We've been having a great semester ever since! ~Jane Herold, Pottery Teacher

Morrow House - CPR training

Fire Inspector, Jim Leclercq, returned to The Elisabeth Morrow School this month to teach a class on CPR to seventh- and eighth-grade students. (Photos: Dr. Lowry)


Third Graders Conclude Lenni Lenape Study with Performance and Games

As part of a unit focused on the Native American culture of this region, namely the Lenni Lenape tribe, Elisabeth Morrow third graders put on an inspired performance for their fellow Little School classmates in the Cohen Center. Pictured here, Ms. Timbrell tells a harvest legend where the animals of the forest inspire humans to grow plants for food. After this, the third graders participated in a Lenape games outside.

Second-Graders: Counting and Estimating

Our second graders spent the morning adding up popcorn kernels as part of a unit on counting and estimating.

EMS Chamber Orchestra at Lillian Booth Actors Home

This morning The Elisabeth Morrow School Chamber Orchestra, led by music teacher, Amelia Gold, played for residents at The Lillian Booth Actors home. The EMS-CO is made up of students from the fifth through eighth grades. Here's a clip from their performance.

Found a Shrew...

Yesterday we were moving a pile of composted material to the garden when we discovered, to our delight, a Northern Short-tailed Shrew. At first he scurried in a typically frantic and indecisive state before focussing on a determined escape beneath the piles of dead leaves. The largest shrew in our area, this insectivore was silvery, long and narrow and quite cute. Unfortunately the photo is not ours, as we were too slow on the draw. ~Gary Lyon (Photo John White)


Making Spanakorizo

Today's Cooking Club is busy chopping spinach to make Spanakorizo, spinach and rice pilaf.

"Wild Things" Adaptation

Here are a couple of pictures from Miss Evans' reading group. They performed an adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are. Instead of Max, the children wrote in a "Maxine" to be the lead. The reading group performed this for their parents and the first-grade classes.

Some Photos from Ms. Brown

Some great photos from around Little School by first-grade teacher, Shannon Brown