Celebrating Chemistry

For the past four years, Elisabeth Morrow Science teacher, Gail Weeks, has volunteered our EMS seventh-grade students to present demonstrations to the public during National Chemistry Week at the Liberty Science Center. And, in an effort to increase the involvement of other middle schools Science programs, Ms. Weeks frequently addresses teachers about her experiences and the value of presenting during National Chemistry Week

"During my presentations I explain to the attending teachers what I feel are some of the major benefits of getting students involved with this event [National Chemistry Week]. I believe it’s important for students to see a wider community of people, beyond their school, getting excited about science. When students have the opportunity to “do” science, not just passively learn facts, it can be very exciting and empowering for them. Positive, first-hand experiences at an early age help students feel more confident with science, a subject sometimes viewed as intimidating. Eventually, students may be more likely to view science as a career option, a profession worthy of respect, or just a subject of interest as they get older."

Halloween Parade

Students from The Little School and Chilton House showed off their costumes for the many parents who gathered for the Halloween Parade.


Ms. Lowell's first graders interview Ms. Hooven

We are learning about the history of The Elisabeth Morrow School. We interviewed Ms. Hooven, who was one of the first students to attend our school. Ms. Hooven said that when the children arrived at school they shook hands with Elisabeth Morrow and Miss Chilton, and they went directly to the nurse to check if they were healthy enough to attend school that day.

The Little School, as it was named at that time, was only for nursery- and kindergarten-aged students, and there were only five or six students in each class.

Ms. Hooven remembers building with big hollow blocks, and having jobs such as polishing silver and cleaning out the canary cage. One day the canary got loose when Ms. Hooven was cleaning the cage and the bird flew all around the room until the teacher finally caught it!

Each class also had a piano in it for music. Sometimes the children sang songs and sometimes they did movement to the music. Ms. Hooven remembers using her arm like a trunk and moving around the room pretending she was an elephant. Ms. Hooven also remembers having fresh squeezed orange juice and graham crackers everyday for snack.

After a few years, The Little School became far too little for all the children who started to attend the school, and so the building we are in now was built on property given to Elisabeth Morrow by her mother and father. Later, Chilton House was built and Morrow House was donated to the school as well.

~Ms. Lowell's First Grade

(artwork provided by Ms. Lowell)

Buddy Program

The sixth-grade "buddy program" continues with Chilton House students. Set up last year as part of their Advisories, sixth graders visit Kindergarten and PreKindergarten students every 4-6 weeks throughout the year to read and play with the younger students. (Photos provided by Yvonne Prata)


Fire Safety and Prevention Month

Yesterday, Fire Inspector, Jim Leclercq, visited The Elisabeth Morrow School as part of Fire Safety and Prevention Month. Here, the seventh- and eighth-grade students in the "First Aid and Health Promotion" class received hands-on training in the use of fire extinguishers. Informative and fun! (Photo: Marianne Malmstrom)

A Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness

Sunday 10/25: a few EMS teachers and students participated in the Walk For Awareness for Breast Cancer at Englewood Hospital. (Photos: Sarah Fader).

Above: Elisabeth, Maxie and Erika

Above: Beth Goldman, Rita Hantman, Kathy Keller and Laurie Lester


Seventh Graders at Liberty Science Center

Last weekend, Elisabeth Morrow Science teacher, Gail Weeks, along with a number of seventh graders conducted various experiments where they smashed cans, expanded marshmallows and wrote secret messages. It was all part of National Chemistry Week at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. (Photos by Nancy Dorrien and Germaine DiPaolo)


Guest Chefs

Last Wednesday, the cooking club had two guest chefs, Maureen York from the development Office and her italian friend Sylvana DiVirgilio. The menu included meatballs, penne pasta and a marinara sauce. Left to Right: Joann DiGirolamo, Sylvana DiVirgilio, Christine Fiocchi, Maureen York, Gail Winter The students chefs were enjoying their lunch in the Apple Tree Courtyard. (Photo: Dr. Lowry)

Sure Looks Like Fall Around Here...

Plants for our Garden

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Zuluaga, parents of Carolina, who have kindly donated some plants for our school garden. ~Gary Lyon

Quite A Crowd At The Apple Bake Sale

Images from today's apple bake sale in the Grace Muller Courtyard. Delicious treats for all and the proceeds go to Special Olympics New Jersey.

Oh Yeah....

With a win over Tenafly yesterday, EMS Girls' Volleyball remains undefeated. (Photo by Amber Coe)


Eighth Graders help out at D. A. Quarles

Every other Thursday Elisabeth Morrow eighth graders visit The D. A. Quarles Early Childhood Center in Englewood. Our students read to the children and help the teachers as part of their community service. (Photo by Leslie Day)


Volleyball, Still Going Strong!

Girls' Volleyball is currently undefeated, catch them in action at home this Thursday against Tenafly Middle School. (Photo: Shannon Brown)


A Diwali Celebration

Yesterday, Mrs Connolly's fourth grade celebrated Diwali. Here are a few pictures from the event (thanks to Debra Perskie Schwartz)


Please save the date for our annual Open House for prospective parents on Sunday, November 15 at 1:30 PM. If you have any questions or are interested in attending this event, please RSVP to Jan Keshishian in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid: jkeshishian@elisabethmorrow.org.

    X-Country Q&A

    QUESTION: What can you do when it is 45 degrees and pouring rain outside?

    ANSWER: Drive into the Bronx and run cross country!!

    The cross country teams ran this afternoon in the slop at Van Cortlandt Park. Great performances all around as 14 of the 18 EMS runners set personal best times on the course. Special recognition goes to eight-grader Caitlitn Ferrarese, who ran the last quarter mile with only one shoe! Joe del Rio's father was kind enough to pick the other one up and return it to her. Team results are not yet available.

    "Singalong" at Chilton House

    Most Fridays. Ms. Emily Spaeth leads the Chilton House students (and teachers) in Singalong. Here is a video clip from today.


    Elisabeth Morrow Teams Roll

    Update from the Athletic Director, Andy Escala:

    The EMS Eagles won all three contests yesterday as they visited Dwight-Englewood in Tennis, Volleyball and Soccer.

    The EMS Lady Eagles' Volleyball Team kept their undefeated season alive beating Dwight-Englewood 25-23 and 26-24 upping their record to 5-0. Rebecca Federman led the way with over 15 service aces!

    The Girls' Tennis team won in decisive fashion winning every match defeating Dwight-Englewood 5-0. Leah Primak, Phoebe Mattana, and Natsuko Takashima won in Singles and Emma Loring/Sofiya Joseph and Lena Woo/Anna Bandazian won in Doubles. It was the first ever win for the new Girls Tennis team.

    Boys' Soccer scored in the last 3 minutes to defeat the Dwight-Englewood B Soccer team 3-2. Teddy Swenson scored his second goal of the game to help lead the Eagles to victory.

    X-County: On Tuesday Joe Del Rio waited until the last 300 yards to kick in his stride as he came from behind to win the Boys' cross country meet at Tenafly. The team finished second in the meet. In the girls' race, Rachel Park came across the line in 3rd place, followed closely by Sandrine Yesilian in 6th, The girls also placed second to Tenafly Middle School. Their next meets are 10/15 and 10/20 at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx followed by a meet 10/29 at Tenafly Middle School.

    Eagles in Action

    Here are a few images from recent soccer games and a cross country meet. Photos: Amber Coe (look for more great sports photos in the yearbook).